These Carved Candles Look So Good You Will Never Ever Use Them


I bet you’ve never seen candles with such intricate designs as these. I know I haven’t. I don’t think I could bring myself to light one of these carved candles, even if the world was ending and it was the only candle left in the house. They’re too gorgeous to allow them to melt away into nothing and quite pricey, too.

There is an old German craft called “candle carving” that turns regular candles into detailed works of art. Holland House Candles in Michigan creates these stunning masterpieces. They were even featured on an episode of How it’s Made. If you click here you can see just how they make these candles. The finished candles themselves are incredible but watching the process of how they’re made is just mesmerizing. I can’t even imagine how much work goes into making these candles. Take a look at the images in this post and leave your opinions in the comments section. Let us know what you think of these mind-blowingly detailed candles.

carved candles 1

carved candles 2

carved candles 3

beautiful candles 4

beautiful candles 5

beautiful candles 6

beautiful candles 7

beautiful candles 8

stylish candles 9

stylish candles 10

stylish candles 2

stylish candles 3

stylish candles

stylish candles 4

stylish candles 16

stylish candles 17

carved candles 18

carved candles 19
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