39 Amazing Tree Houses Everyone Wished They Had Growing Up

We must warn you at the beginning of this article on these possible effects: your inner child might get loud, and it might be screaming I wanna, I wanna, I wannaaaaa…! once you get through this amazing tree houses gallery. And that is totally reasonable because we all dreamed in the childhood about treehouses, some of us were lucky to have one, but a very few was so lucky to play in treehouses like these. They are dreamlike! Totally astonishing and breathtaking, waking up the inner child in us.

Luckily, you don’t need a time machine to allow yourself to play in a tree house like some of these. Architects and designers now offer some unbelievable treehouses and hotels for holidays. These have long outgrown the tradition wooden cabin concept, featuring multiple floors or even glass and mirror elements.

Would you like to spend a holiday in a some of these amazing tree houses? Of course, you would! Share with us which is your favorite among these amazing treehouses in the gallery below.

1: This amazing tree house looks more like a normal house

amazing tree houses (1)

2: The old between two trees homes, looks cool

amazing tree houses 3 (1)

3: Seriously, who designed this? I want to hire him to do my house

amazing tree homes 4 (1)

4: This is an amazing design for a futuristic tree house

amazing tree homes 5 (1)

5: One of the best looking houses in this amazing tree houses list

amazing tree homes 6 (1)

6: Going with the classic wood house

amazing tree homes 7 (1)

7: Free Spirit Sphere Treehouses (Canada)

amazing tree homes 8 (1)

8: This tree house is so awesome, tourists come to visit it

amazing tree homes 9 (1)

9: The HemLoft Treehouse (Whistler, Canada)

amazing tree homes 10 (1)

10: Although this tree house looks like he’s going to fall off, its really nice

amazing tree homes 11 (1)

11: This tree is amazing!

amazing tree houses 12 (1)

12: Two stories of tree house

amazing tree houses 13 (1)

13: Is this a condo or a tree house?!

amazing tree houses 14 (1)

14: Modern design

amazing tree houses 15 (1)


amazing tree houses 16 (1)

16: This tree house is bigger than my house – what gives

amazing tree houses 17 (1)


amazing tree houses 18 (1)

18: Yellow Treehouse Restaurant

epic tree houses 19 (1)


epic tree houses 20 (1)


epic tree houses 21 (1)


epic tree houses 22 (1)


epic tree houses 23 (1)


epic tree houses 24 (1)


epic tree houses 25 (1)


epic tree houses 26 (1)


epic tree houses 27 (1)


epic tree houses 28 (1)


cool tree houses 29 (1)


cool tree houses 30 (1)


cool tree houses 31 (1)


cool tree houses 32 (1)


cool tree houses 33 (1)


cool tree houses 34 (1)


cool tree houses 35 (1)


cool tree houses 36 (1)

36: Three Story Treehouse (British Columbia, Canada)

cool tree houses 37 (1)


cool tree houses 38 (1)


amazing tree houses 39 (1)


amazing tree houses 40 (1)

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