These Realistic Paintings Of Treats Look So Good My Mouth Is Watering


Realistic Paintings Of Treats 1

Essential for any kind of art and driving force of every living being is love. When we think of it, usually we think of romantic love at first, but there can be all sorts of love that can motivate and inspire our creativity. And why a love for food wouldn’t be one of them? No reason, at all.

In the gallery below you can see beautiful colorful and delightful paintings of delicious food of all kinds: ice cream, lollipops, doughnuts, hot dogs, treacle tins etc. These happen to be the author’s favourite snacks and treats and we must warn you of a possible drooling situation while you browse the pictures, she was that good in communicating the feelings she has for them.

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Joël Penkman is graphic designer based in the UK. She was Born in 1979 in New Zealand, studied Graphic Design at Canterbury University’s School of Fine Art. See what she said about her work for Creative Boom:

“Food triggers memories and emotion, I like that people can bring something of themselves to the artworks. My favourite medium is egg tempera paint. It is very time-consuming as I make the gesso prepare my boards and grind my own paint to mix, but the results are worth it.”

Realistic Paintings Of Treats 2

“A year or two later, I entered this painting into a local art show. It went down well and from this I was offered an exhibition at a local gallery. So I took a few months off design work to get some paintings together. Not quite sure what to paint, I decided to carry on from the biscuit painting with more food.”

food art paintings 3

“Afterwards, I put the work online and sent it to some blogs. Thanks to the internet, people from all over the world saw my work and began enquiring about it. Now I’m a painter, not a graphic designer.”

food art paintings 4

“I love food and I love to paint it. It’s fun and accessible. I had thought my food paintings developed organically but last month my mother reminded me of the modelling clay earrings I used to make when I was much younger. Earrings of burgers and chips, birthday cakes and wormy apples.”

food art paintings 5

food art paintings 6

Realistic Paintings Of Treats 7

Realistic Paintings Of Treats 8

Realistic Paintings Of Treats 9

food art paintings 10

Realistic Paintings Of Treats 11

Realistic Paintings Of Treats 12

All images courtesy of the artist

Source: Creative boom

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