Rainbow Sushi Is The Latest Food Trend On Instagram And We Simply Love It


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Rainbow Sushi is the latest food trend on Instagram, following the popular rainbow bagel store and the rainbow colored grilled cheese, it’s asian cuisine now to take the stage. And please note that we are not talking about the sushi roll that’s called California roll topped with sashimi, we mean businesses here, we are saying an actual multi-color sushi that will take you on a ride down the rabbit hole. A sushi lover’s dream.

Have a taste of the rainbow, i bet it feels amazing!

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If you liked our bagels and grilled cheese, you gonna love this

It so happened that this rainbow sushi recipe is very popular among sushi lovers that make their own rolls

Often these recipes involve all natural coloring

For example, the Instagram user Letscook Vegan likes to use beet powder for those red food coloring

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Beet powder and turmeric is used to achieve these red and orange colors

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Turmeric is also used to get that strong yellow color

For green, use a touch of spirulina and a pinch of turmeric

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For blue and purple it gets tricky, so here are his own words:

” “boil 1/4 piece of chopped cabbage in about 3 cups of water for about 30 minutes or until you’re left with about 1 cup of water. Use this water to cook 1/2 cup of sushi rice and save about 3 tbsp of the purple water to make the blue food colouring. Now you’ve got your purple rice use some of the remaining white rice you made to make blue. Add about 1 tsp of baking soda to the purple water and it will turn blue, now add this to the sushi rice and mix it well.”

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This trend became so popular that people started naming their new rainbow sushi rolls with appropriate names like: Mermaid sushi or Rainbow Unicorn sushi – what ever works for you man, these just look tasty

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