Creative Pillows Make It Seem You’re Sleeping On a Pile Of Rocks


Rocks in your living room. Perhaps if you were an eccentric millionaire with money to throw around, the thought of rocks in your house would be totally normal. But to the rest of us that seems just a little weird, or at least it did until now. With her unique style and flare, designer Stephanie Marin has brought us a collection of yes you guessed it, rocks.

These “rocks” are actually pillows, made from virgin wool and the largest of them is 2 meters wide. They can be stacked, scattered, strewn across your floor or piled up high and flopped on. It’s a Zen garden inside that’s soft and comfy. Whether you want to sleep, watch TV or cuddle up with a good book, you can surround yourself with the tranquility of a dry riverbed just by heaping, and then burrowing into the pile.

Stephanie has a very singular style, bringing comfort in her collections while using different shapes and materials to make her furniture, which is always a statement in any room.

pillow rocks 1

pillow rocks 2

pillow rocks 3

pillow rocks 4

pillow rocks 5

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