30 Cool Chairs Prove That Furniture Can Be Awesome Too

There are two types of chairs in the world. The one with its primary function to be sat on it which no one really notices. The second type of chairs, which we present you in the photos in this gallery, are cool chairs which enrich any interior almost like pieces of art and provide a special experience while spending time sitting in them.

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The clever design of these unusual chairs provides a delicate balance between artistry and comfort which is not easy to achieve. I was amazed by some of examples in this gallery. My favourites are little-tucked-spot armchairs with book and coffee holders around in which you can spend easily entire afternoon.

What’s your choice? Share with us your favorite cool chair once you scroll down to the end.

30 cool chairs to get you sitting with style while you work from home

1. Bookmark chaircool chairs 2 (1)

Designed by Lukas Avenas.

2. Book storing chair. One of the best on this cool chairs listawesome chairs 3 (1)

designed by Nobody and Co

3. Spend all day in this cool chair

awesome chairs 4 (1)

Designed by TILT

4. Mobile book storing chair

awesome chairs 5' (1)

designed by Nils Holger Moormann

5. Curved chairs

awesome chairs 6 (1)

designed by Remi Van Oers

6. Lounge chair with shelving

awesome chairs 7 (1)

designed by Atelier010

7. Tightly packed upholstery chair

awesome chairs 8 (1)

Designed by Daisuke Motogi. Photography by Takahumi Yamada

8. Hollow Chaircool chairs 9 (1)

awesome chairs 52

Designed by Staight Line Designs

9. Lathe Chaircool chairs 10 (1)

Designed by Sebastian Brajkovic

10. The Prickly Chaircool chairs 11 (1)

Designed by Valentina Glez Wohlers

11. Inception Chaircool chairs 12 (1)

cool chairs 13 (1)

Designed by Vivian Chiu

12. Ghost Chair – this is truly a unique chair designcool chairs 14 (1)

Designed by Ralph Nauta and Lonneke Gordijn

13. Hybrid Chairs

cool chairs 15 (1)cool chairs 16 (1)

Designed by Merve Kahraman

15. Coffee Chaircool chairs 17 (1) cool chairs 18 (1)

Designed by Sunhan Kwon

16. Suitcase Chairscool chairs 19 (1) cool chairs 20 (1)

Designed by Katie Thomspon

17. The Cut Chaircool chairs 21 (1) cool chairs 22 (1) cool chairs 23 (1)

Designed by Peter Bristol

18. Skull Chair. Now this is my favorite of the cool chairscool chairs 24 (1)

Designed by Pool

19. Pink Chairunique chairs 25 (1)

Designed by Vladimir Tsesler

20. Skull Armchaircool chairs 26 (1) cool chairs 27 (1) unique chairs 28 (1)

Designed by Harold Sangouard

21. Samurai Chaircool chairs 29 (1) cool chairs 30 (1)

Designed by Seo Young Moon

22. Quiet Chaircool chairs 31 (1)

Designed by TILT

23. Customised Panton Chairunique chairs 32 (1) unique chairs 33 (1)

Image credits: Jump Studio

24. Peacock Chairunique chairs 34 (1) unique chairs 35 (1) cool chairs 36 (1)

Designed by uufie

25. Quartz Armchair

cool chairs 37 (1) cool chairs 38 (1)

Designed by ctrlzak.com

26. Magica Chairsunique chairs 39 (1) unique chairs 40 (1)

Designed by David Conti

27. Spike Chairunique chairs 41 (1) unique chairs 42 (1)

Designed by Alexander Lervik

28. Layers Cloud Chairunique chairs 43 (1) unique chairs 44 (1) cool chairs 45 (1)

Designed by Richard Hutten

29. Fadeout Chaircool chairs 46 (1) cool chairs 47 (1) cool chairs 48 (1)

Designed by Davide Conti

30. The Bloom Chaircool chairs 49 (1) cool chairs 50 (1) cool chairs 51 (1)

Designed by Kenneth Cobonpue

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