Olga Barantseva Takes Dreamlike Photos Of Animal Portraits With Real Wild Animals

The Russian photographer Olga Barantseva is into animal photography which she combines with her love for fairy tales. The result is pretty much stunning and breathtaking. In her photographs can bee seen bears, wolves, raccoons, ostriches, owls, crocodiles, snakes… The atmosphere is “Beauty and the beast” like, especially when the main character of the photo are a huge brown bear and a beautiful gentle girl.

A 1,500 lb., a 7-foot-long brown bear featuring Olga’s photos is scary only at the first sight. Actually, he is a professional actor and his name is Stepan. He was raised by circus trainer ever since he was an orphaned 3-month-old cub.  He was too domesticated to be released in the wild again when became grown bear. By today, age 20,  he has been an actor in 20 Russian movies and is an in-demand photo model.

Check out in the gallery bellow beautiful animal photos and learn what the photographer Olga Barantseva told for PetaPixel about her work. Have in mind that these photos were taken in very controlled conditions and don’t try to take selfies with wild animals or something similar which would endanger your safety.

“Photo sessions with animals have become quite popular…”

olga barantseva animal portraits 2

“Almost any animal or bird or even a reptile can be found on rent for photography and a lot of photographers use them. I’m no exception.”

olga barantseva animal portraits 3

“My love for fairy tales and faith in unicorns appeared from childhood and grows into a magical world with its own atmosphere and harmony…

olga barantseva animal portraits 4

The most important thing is the idea, not Photoshop.”

olga barantseva animal photos 5

“Mainly I’m interested in creative portraits. I have an interest and passion for creative photography…

olga barantseva animal photos 6

“I would like my photos to tell about the peace and interaction with the world…

olga barantseva animal photos 7

which I’m trying to show in my photos. I’m trying to fit the whole story in one photo.”

olga barantseva animal photos 8

We can also shoot combined photos with foxes, owls, and ravens.”

olga barantseva animal photos 9

There is always a place of kindness and love!” says Olga Barantseva.”

olga barantseva animal photos 10

“It is impossible to combine the bear with other animals. The wolves can take part with the other animals in the same shot…

olga barantseva animal photos 11

Scroll down for more dreamlike animal photographies by Olga Barantseva.

olga barantseva animal photos 12

olga barantseva animal portraits 13

olga barantseva animal photos 14

olga barantseva animal photos 15

olga barantseva animal portraits 16

olga barantseva animal portraits 17

olga barantseva animal portraits 18

olga barantseva animal portraits 19

olga barantseva animal portraits 20

olga barantseva animal portraits 21

olga barantseva animal portraits

olga barantseva animal portraits 22

Photographer Olga Barantseva and an owl

olga barantseva animal portraits 23

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