Imagine Bouncing On This Trampoline Bridge To Cross The Seine River In Paris, Yes Please

trampoline bridge feat

There’s an unusual bridge in Paris, France that helps people cross the Seine. Instead of just walking over the bridge to the other side by foot or by car, pedestrians can now bounce their way to the other side. Architecture firm AZC thought of and designed this unique trampoline bridge with the thinking that why can’t people use a more fun way to cross bridges.

The bridge itself has three inflatable donut shaped rings with the trampoline hooked inside. People crossing this cool trampoline bridge can just bounce their way to the other side across the river. When you get to the side you are presented with two choices, you can either exit by using a regular staircase or in the fun way by sliding down a slide.

The inspiration of the bridge design came from the realization that people in general want to feel free and happy, this is reflected by the way they can enjoy themselves while bouncing over the bridge and feeling the freedom of flying through the air. It’s easy to see that this bridge captures the natural spirit of people by fulfilling these both subjects.

They wanted to engage people in a newer, more fun way for people to do the same thing they always did, which is a simple thing like crossing a bridge. The trampoline bridge is an innovation by turning something usual to extraordinary and fun.

The bouncing bridge project immediately saw great positive responses from everyone who saw the design and the company decided to partner with companies that could make this design a reality.

The trampoline bridge in Paris, France was designed to change the way we cross bridges

Trampoline bridge 3


Imagine walking, or more likely bouncing across the Seine on this cool bridge while having the time of your life

Trampoline bridge 4

Here is the original design of the bouncy bridge project

trampoline bridge 9

You can see how much fun it looks just jumping around

Trampoline bridge 5

Paris would be just one of two cities to host this innovative bridge as another major city in Spain will want their own bridge too

Trampoline bridge 7


Watch a short video about this: