Lera Kiryakova Creates Cute Cartoon Characters From PIctures Of Celebrities And It’s So Adorable

cute cartoon characters lera feat

We already saw most of these celebs transformed into many funny and cool things like Disney characters and many other creative ideas. But this time, Russian illustrator Lera Kiryakova shows us another look to view people, by turning them into cute cartoon characters.

Lera has a gift of turning these celebs to cute cartoon characters by giving them big googly eyes and big round heads, she still manages to keep the main features of each person so when you look at them you can instantly recognize the person. All characters are hand drawn and we just want to say that we think her work is adorable as it gets!

Check out the gallery below of some of her work and don’t forget to share with your friends.

1. lana del rey looks amazing as a cute cartoon character

cute cartoon characters 2


2. Rihanna is the second on the cute cartoon characters list

cute cartoon characters 3

3. I love this actor

cute cartoon celebs 4

4. Maddie Ziegler – this kid is now more famous than Sia

cute cartoon celebs 5

5. Emma Watson

cute cartoon celebs 6


6. Selena Gomez looking cute as ever

cute cartoon celebs 7

7. Did we say that Maddie Ziegler is now a super star?

cute cartoon celebs 8

8. Young Leonardo Dicaprio

cute cartoon celebs 9

9. Frida Kahlo – did you actually know who she was? Don’t lie

cute cartoon celebs 10


10. Johnny Depp looking like the badass he really is

cute cartoon celebs 11

11. Benedict Cumberbatch. Strange doctor

cute cartoon celebs 12

12. I think this is the best piece. Beyonce obviously

cute cartoon celebs 13

13. Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. Amazing!

cute cartoon drawings 14


14. Macaulay Culkin with his signature look

cute cartoon drawings 15

15. Maleficent. Or Angelina Jolie

cute cartoon drawings 16

16. Ryan Gosling always look gorgeous

cute cartoon drawings 17

17. Ariana Grande – honestly, can she get any cuter?

cute cartoon drawings 18

18. The mad hatter looking crazy

cute cartoon drawings 19


19. Taylor Swift, she just broke everything, the end

cute cartoon drawings 20

20. Ryan Reynolds

cute cartoon drawings 21

21. Will Smith as a cute cartoon character looks pretty much the same

cute cartoon drawings 22

22. Queen Elizabeth – this gal will live forever

cute cartoon drawings 23

23. Christina Ricci

cute animated characters 24

24. Marilyn Monroe

cute animated characters 25

25. Keanu Reeves looks the same from the past 20 years

cute animated characters 26

26. This lady is so famous she needs to be featured three times – Maddie Ziegler

cute animated characters 27

27. Angelina Jolie

cute animated characters 28

28. Tom Felton

cute animated characters 29

29. Another piece of Frida Kahlo

cute animated characters 30

30. Honestly, no idea who she is.

cute animated characters 31

31. Look at those eyes

cute animated characters 32

32. Not sure

cute animated characters 33

33. Kristen Stewart

cute animated characters 34

34. Young Ashton Kutcher

cute animated characters 35

35. Taylor Lautner

cute animated characters 36

36. Is that Maddie Ziegler again?

cute animated characters 37

37. Emma Stone is a god

cute cartoon characters

Honestly, these cute cartoon characters are so amazing we must share them with friends.