These Lumen Oil Candle Shadow Projectors Lamps are so Relaxing You Need One

Created by Brooklyn based artist Adam Frank, these lumen oil candle shadow projectors are more like a work of art than just candles. Learn more about them in the article below.

Oil lamps have been around lightening our dark paths since 3300 B.C. Ever since humans have discovered that fire and oil are a good combination they have never stopped using the two together.

The thing about oil lamps is that even though the technology has progressed throughout centuries, they are still used among us today.

These oil lamps have been far more lasting than candles or even fireplaces. They have even been less dangerous to use. In fact, they were really popular until the 1800s.

But as everything humans invent, they progressed. Oil lamps have changed throughout history in many forms.

An interesting fact on why they last so long is because they run on different types of oil such as oil from seeds, nuts, animal fats, etc. even in modern days, people use these kinds of lamps.

But of course, the occasion of usage is rare and not prioritized. Nowadays people use oil lamps for prayers, religious rituals, and relaxation.

Shadow of a tree on a wall.

Lumen Oil Candle Shadow Projectors

My grandma is a Christian, and she would always keep an oil lamp on a table where she kept the bible and religious photos also. As for relaxation, people are keeping oil projection lamps.

They are very soothing as they project a shadow on your wall and let you comfortably fall asleep.

Adam Frank is the designer of the lumen oil projector lamp. This lamb is made out of completely stainless steel.

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The projections are usually trees and birds, as nature is the most calming thing out there for a human’s mind. The further you keep these oil lamp projectors from the wall the bigger they create the shadow.

It is a cool experience for everyone to try. It will definitely soothe you and put you in your Zen zone.  

The three main pieces of an oil projector lamp.

Lumen Oil Candle Shadow Projectors

Shadow of birds of a tree.

Shadow of birds flying.

Lumen Oil Candle Shadow Projectors

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