This Beer Commercial Will Make You Question Everything You Know. Pure Genius

heineken ad feat (1)

Heineken just filmed a genius beer ad that is both political and controversial and pretty much just pure genius. It shows us as humans as the complicated beings we are, but also the good, and bad in all of us. Will people change? Adopt? Accept? We shall see.

The new Heineken ad #OpenYourWorld campaign is nothing you would expect. Traditional beer commercials always show guys in a bar, pool party, girls celebrating, watching a soccer match and so much more obvious scenes that comes to mind. This ad is real, raw and just brilliant!

The idea behind this commercial is to put two people with very different world views on subjects like climate change,feminism and transgender rights. At first they ask them to complete simple tasks together and get to know each other before showing them a short video that reveals their true opinion and expose their truths.

See what happens when they find out the truth…

H/T: Heineken