Kristy Edgar Creates Lovable Pop Culture Icons From Paper And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever

When someone is a creative soul, no matter what she or he is doing for a living, creativity always finds its way out either through profession or through a hobby. Here we have an example of a witty and cute art inspired by pop culture icons which are made by Kristy Edgar all the while being a full-time history teacher in a spare time.

The art that you’re about to see in the gallery is a de-stress technique of Kristy and a way she shows things she is interested in beyond the history. Usually, it’s recreation of various nerdy pop culture icons of today or some of her childhood heroes crafted from the paper. The common thing for all recreations is the easily notable personal artist’s signature, making them in that way both – recognisable yet different than the original.

Dabble in paper craft and vector design is something Edgar learned to do by herself. Technique she’s been using in the process of creation is a combination of craft blades, paper cutting machines, and patience… and voila! results are here for you to check out in the gallery below. Also, learn what she said about her art when talking with The Awesome Daily. More info: Instagram | etsy

“My full-time job is a middle school history teacher…”

IMG_7301 (1)

“Dabble in paper craft and vector design are both self-taught endeavours. They’ve always been a hobby for me, something to help me de-stress and showcase things that I’m interested in.”

IMG_7663 (1)

“I generally start with an idea of someone or something I want to recreate, I design it on PowerPoint (I know…) and use a combination of craft blades, paper cutting machines, and patience to put together the pieces.”

IMG_7664 (1)

“I’m often inspired by other artists, various nerdy pop culture icons, and the need to create homages to some of my childhood heroes.”

IMG_7665 (1)

“I’m always open to suggestions of characters to make.”

IMG_7667 (1)


Can you recognise this fellow? Ron Swanson 

IMG_7668 (1)

Dwight Schrute from The Office

IMG_7669 (1)

The Futurama cast 

IMG_7670 (1)

The genius Bill Murray 

IMG_7671 (1)


The HotFuzz team!

IMG_7673 (1)

The Mad Hatter from Alice In Wonderland 

IMG_7674 (1)



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