29 Cute Wolf Pictures That Will Melt Your Heart a Little

We all know about the Big Bad Wolf who ate grannies, would howl at the full moon or even get a man to transform into a werewolf. We also know the story of White Fang that melted our hearts. These cute wolf pictures here are also stories that will melt your heart.

There are wolves here like you’ve never seen before, wolves that resemble a lot with their distant cousins that we love so much and can’t live without today. If these 29 pictures of cute wolves won’t make your heart melt a little, we don’t know what will. Enjoy!

1.”You’ve got something in your hair. Here, let me help you!”

cute wolf pictures 1 (1)
Image source: Instagram

2. The little fierce wolf is learning the how to be a big, fierce wolf!

cute wolf pictures 2 (1)
Image source: Zooborns

3. “Maybe you want to feel my fresh breath on your cheeks”

cute wolf pictures 3 (1)

4. “Here! Let me wash your face. I bet you didn’t have time for that in the morning”

cute wolf pictures 4 (1)
Image source: Instagram

5. “Bro, I’m telling you, you gotta’ go after her! Don’t let her leave!” Wise wolf advising youngster

cute wolf images 6 (1)
Image source: Reddit

6. He just had a little rough play in the mud. He doesn’t mind, though, still cute

cute wolf images 7 (1)
Image source: Reddit

7. “Wait a minute! I’ve got some unsolved business with this tail of mine!”

cute wolf images 8 (1)
Image source: Reddit

8. I said give me a little kiss, not a big, sloppy smooch

cute wolf images 9 (1)
Image source: Instagram

9. The little wolfie and his cute friend

cute wolf images 10 (1)
Image source: Imgur

10. When you haven’t seen your wolves in a long time

cute wolf images 11 (1)
Image source: Reddit

11. If you want a wolf smooch, you just have to ask for it

cute wolf images 12 (1)
Image source: Imgur

12. Love in the wolf times

cute wolf images 13 (1)

13. “Come here! I want to give you a hug, hooman!”

cute wolf pictures 14 (1)
Image source: Instagram

14. “Wanna’ play?” Cutest wolf picture on this list for sure

adorable wolf pictures 15 (1)

15. That big romantic smooch…

adorable wolf pictures 17 (1)
Image source: Reddit

16. It runs in the family

adorable wolf pictures 18 (1)
Image source: Reddit

17. “Why do I feel stupid now?”

adorable wolf pictures 19 (1)
Image source: Reddit

18. “What? You think wolves don’t eat watermelon?

adorable wolf pictures 20 (1)
Image source: Reddit

19. “I just want to wipe off this beard of yours. It’s itchy!”

adorable wolf pictures 21 (1)
Image source: Reddit

20. “Go on! Take a proper picture of a wolf, I won’t bite!”

adorable wolf pictures 22 (1)
Image source: Reddit

21. A gentle hug between friends – my favorite wolf picture

adorable wolf pictures 23 (1)
By Rick Wallace Photography

22. Give me a kiss!

cute wolf pictures 24 (1)

23. Playing in the snow never looked so good

cute wolf pictures 25 (1)

24. Serious look still looks cute AF

cute wolf pictures 26 (1)

25. ” Let’s play! “

cute wolf pictures 27 (1)

26. Sad eyes, I wonder what happened

cute wolf pictures 28 (1)

27. Trying to look tough? Not really, just cute as usual

cute wolf pictures 29 (1)

28. Wolfs seem to love giving kisses

cute wolf pictures 30 (1)

29. Perfect white combo

cute wolf pictures 31 (1)

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