Kazuhiro Tsuji Hyperrealistic Sculptures Are So Stunning It’s Easy To Confuse Them With The Real Subjects

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Meet Kazuhiro Tsuji, based in Japan, Kazuhiro Tsuji hyperrealistic sculptures are a unique work of art that blows the minds of even the most veteran art fans. Tsuji creates incredible lifelike sculptures of famous people like the Abraham Lincoln sculpture that looks so real you think he went back in time to 1865 to take a quick color photo of the man and went back to the future.

More examples of his work are: Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali as well as the Man Of Steel himself. Now while you may think how it’s possible you never seen his work before, know that Tsuji spent most of his career as a highly successful makeup artist in the movies industry before turning to sculpturing. More info: kazustudios.com | Instagram | Facebook

Kazuhiro Tsuji hyperrealistic sculptures are built from the inside out, capturing the emotion and inner thoughts of each subject.

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Tsuji’s aim is to create something that is more than just capturing a likeness, he wants to bring to life the appearance of the inner thoughts and deep desires of the people he sculp

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Tsuji has a natural gift of creating these sculptures with a specific expression, when done just right, it can trigger the illusion that the face is about to change its mood.

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The artist claims he wants to tease the viewer and to peak his curiosity and keep him guessing at what thoughts are hiding inside

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The faces are eight times bigger than an actual human head, and the high detail level of the work almost forces the viewer to get really close to examine and make sure it’s not real

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Kazuhiro worked for 25 years as a special effects makeup artist in Hollywood, Los Angeles. In 2012 he decided to shift is focus to fine art sculpture and started creating these hyperrealistic figures

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He uses resin, platinum silicone and many other materials to create these stunning three dimensional portraits twice the size of a normal human being

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Tsuji is a self taught artist using contemporary materials to create life like art pieces

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Like in many other areas of life, he used trial and error to improve his skills until reaching the high level you see today

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