Juliette Clovis Beautiful Porcelain Art Will Leave You Hypnotized


Juliette Clovis is a multidisciplinary French contemporary artist. She was born in Poitiers in 1978 and today she lives and works in Bordeaux – France. All of her artwork have the same base which lies on three main topics – that are the links between human and nature, the opposition between life and death and the dialogue between tradition and modernity.

The main characters in her work are women; for years, Juliette worked on the female identity and the representation of women in contemporary society and its history. Her sculptures mix women’s identity with various elements originating from mythology, history, wildness or simply imagination. She was particularly inspired by wildness during her various trips and she draws inspiration from it to create her human jungles and to explore the wild aspect of the human body.

The artist’s sculpture creations that you’re about to see in the gallery are made of Limoges porcelain. Her subjects take from under her fingers and fill with material for a 3-dimentional reality.

“The choice of this noble and classical material allows her to confront her deeply contemporary vision of art across a traditional and ancestral technology,” stands on the artist’s website 

Juliette Clovis’s  sculptures questioning the balance of power between Human and Nature

Juliette Clovis porcelain art 2


The main characters in her work are women and beauty of Nature

Juliette Clovis porcelain art

Wildness as an inspiration in analyzing women’s identity through sculptures

Juliette Clovis porcelain art 3

The women idea as a hybrid mix of wild dreams

Juliette Clovis porcelain art 4

Mixing women’s identity with various elements originating from mythology, history, wilderness or simply imagination.

Juliette Clovis porcelain art 5


The sculptures are created of the oldest Limoges porcelain in France.

Juliette Clovis porcelain art 6

Beautiful artwork by Juliette Clovis

Juliette Clovis porcelain art 7

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