Incredibly Cute Crayon Sculptures That Even Adults Love


crayon sculptures 1

Have you ever seen crayon sculptures cooler than these? Crayons featuring tiny sculptures of Winnie the Pooh, Batman, Calvin and Hobbes, Darth Vader… you name it! Just imagine the character from a cartoon, comic book or a movie and you’ll find a crayon in a color characteristic for that particular character sculptured in a form of his head. There are even Jack and Sally from Burton’s Nightmare before Christmas classic(scroll almost to the very end of the gallery below)! I told you, the box of crayons cooler than ice.

Pack of these sculptured Crayola crayons by talented Hoang Tran would be a great present for a kid as for a (some) adults. I wouldn’t mind, for example, to find this box under the tree. As the matter of fact, I would appreciate it a lot because I’m aware how much work and skill were put into these tiny sculptures, which look fantastic! The “Wax Nostalgic” collection is available for sale on Etsy. You might consider that they’re coming in a package with a really heavy price, reasonably though having in mind, what’s already mentioned, a lot of work and skill necessary for creating such a true copies of our favorite pop culture characters out of the crayons peaks.

crayon sculptures 2

crayon creations 3

crayon creations 4

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crayon creations

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crayon figures 16

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crayon figures 20

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crayon art 22

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crayon sculptures 28

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