How To FAST HONK – The Most Annoying Fast Honking Technique Ever

fast honk feat (1)

So you want to learn how to fast honk. Well this article will teach you the art of the fast honking and what is it really good for. *Spoiler alert – absolutely nothing.

What is a fast honk or fast beep?

Well, the fast honk is a simple but effective way to beep really really fast on the honk of your car, think of it as similar to a drummer who goes on a drum roll, if you don’t know the technique, drum rolls seems very hard to do right? It’s similar with the quick honk method, those who don’t know how, think it’s impossible. Well let’s change that shall we.


The fast honking technique explained:

What you need to do is put your hands together like in the image below.

how to fast honk 1 (1)

Make sure your fingers are close together though tight, now you want to place your middle fingers on the honk and just throttle that thing as fast as you can, it might take a little bit of practice, but you will get there.

fast honk 2 (1)

Here’s a quick little video showing you how fast honking works in real time: 

Here’s another video of another guy showing you how it’s done, so you don’t think it’s a trick. It just takes a little bit of practice:

The fast honk technique should not be used on an everyday basis as it can be very annoying to other drivers around you, we suggest using this technique only when you must. Some examples are when a motorcycle cuts you off in a rude way, or maybe even just another car who cuts you off. Another example is when someone is deliberately not moving and blocking the lane, you can give them the classic super honk that will drive them crazy. Just make sure to use it at your own discretion and caution.