18 Christmas Horses That Just Can’t Wait For The Holiday Season

Getting ready for Christmas, guys?! Yeah, I know, I think it’s too early myself, but I know who’s got all dressed up and is eager to greet Santa. These 18 Christmas horses who are just dying to say hello!

These horses love the Christmas spirit and think they should be in the center of it, just like reindeers. Rudolf is not so special anyway if we disregard the color of his nose. Any horse could do his job, as a matter of fact, as good as he if not better! So, these horses think they should get some Christmas glory themselves. Just imagine them pulling the sled across winter skies. They would be awesome, don’t you think.

These 18 horses got their Christmas accessories on time, and done some photos for the web, just in case Santa is browsing for new talents. Check out in the gallery below how they look and get into the Christmas spirit yourself. Just for fun and adorableness. Oh and please don’t forget to share these cute Christmas horses with your friends.

1. I’ve learned a song to – Jingle bells, jingle bells…Christmas horses all the way…

christmas horses 1 (1)


2. Me too! … jingle all the way…

christmas horses 2 (1)


3. …Oh, what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh!

christmas decorated horses 3 (1)


4. Love the red heaters detail on front legs.

christmas decorated horses 4 (1)


5. This horse even got a beard in Santa style.

christmas decorated horses 5 (1)


6. Aww… adorable.

christmas decorated horses 6 (1)


7. Is that Santa behind? I don’t think so…

christmas decorated horses 7 (1)


8. Look at me, I’m a reindeer!

holiday horses 8 (1)


9. Love my Christmas look. I should wear these always.

holiday horses 9 (1)


10. I should eat well, before snow falls.

holiday horses 10 (1)


11. How long till Christmas come? I hope I will meet Santa this year.

holiday horses 11 (1)


12. Little pony all dressed up for Christmas, looking simply adorable.

holiday horses 12 (1)


13. Maybe I can get another one for my left ear … I would look twice as good.

holiday horses 13 (1)


14. This is a beautiful horse dresses for the holidays

holiday horses 14 (1)

15. So pretty and cute, to die for

holiday horses 15 (1)

16. Christmas horses in all its glory

holiday horses 16 (1)

17. ” I’m ready for the party “

christmas horses 17 (1)

18. A family of horses together

christmas horses 18 (1)

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