Here’s a Crazy Brownie Milkshake Recipe That Might Actually Kill You

When you like food and to travel a lot like Kevin and Amanda, you often get inspired by a food which delighted you on the trip and then you try to make it on your own when you come back home. It’s a perfect way to refresh your memories and remember the great time you had on that trip. That’s how this awesome Ultimate Brownie Crazy Milkshake was invented which Kevin and Amanda shared on their blog. It turned out really great so you can try it for yourself and here is how to make it.

brownie milkshake recipe 3 brownie milkshake recipe 4

First thing you need to make this brownie milkshake recipe is a large mason jar looking awesome.

brownie milkshake recipe 5

Then you’ll want to spread the inside of the mug with Nutella.

crazy milkshake recipe 6

don’t be shy, spread it all around

crazy milkshake recipe 7

Next, spread the rim of the mug with Marshmallow Creme.

crazy milkshake recipe 8

Marshmallow creme layer should be about 1.5″ tall.

crazy milkshake recipe 9

Now take some crushed Oreos….

crazy milkshake recipe 10

And press them into the marshmallow creme.

crazy milkshake recipe 11

Yummy! Looking so great!

crazy milkshake recipe 12

You can store the glasses upside down until you’re ready to make the milkshakes and store the mugs in the fridge or freezer so the marshmallow creme hardens up so the Oreos don’t fall off.

crazy milkshake recipe 13

Next, make your favorite milkshake and pour it into the fancy mug. I recommend chocolate shake, because i love chocolate.

crazy milkshake recipe 14

Top with an Oreo Brownie and a Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich.

brownie milkshake recipe 15

Garnish with whipped cream and fun stripy straws.

crazy milkshake recipe 16

Don’t forget lots of chocolate syrup.

brownie milkshake recipe 17

You can prepare everything in advance…

crazy milkshake recipe 18

and then have fun decorating with your company!

brownie milkshake recipe 19 brownie milkshake recipe 20

So fun! What else could you put on a crazy milkshake???

brownie milkshake recipe 21 brownie milkshake recipe 22

Ultimate Brownie Crazy Milkshake by Kevin and Amanda

brownie milkshake recipe

Share with your friends this cool brownie milkshake recipe and invite them to have some fun together while decorating than eating the Ultimate Brownie Crazy Milkshake.



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