Revolutionary Wearable Tech Could Transform the Way You Sleep


Sleep is a constant source of fascination for scientists and techies – but also for pretty much anyone who wants to lead a healthy lifestyle and not feel permanently exhausted. We’re all well-versed in the importance of sleep and know that sleep deprivation is not a pretty sight. However, this doesn’t change the fact that many of us still struggle to nail that “perfect” night’s slumber.

There are countless factors that interfere with our sleep, be it lifestyle, matters of the mind or a nightmarish sleeping environment. With recent studies even suggesting a possible link between climate change and sleep disturbance, it seems we’re really up against it when it comes to catching forty winks. There are times when the reason is obvious – loud noises, stress at work or too much caffeine – but in some cases, it’s a little more complicated. For those who struggle with sleep but don’t know why, wearable technology could be about to solve the mystery.

We’re not just talking about your average sleep tracker wristband. The gadget in question claims to provide as much insight into your sleep health as a full-on medical study – just without the lab, and in the form of an easy-wear wristband. Invented by a sleep clinician and two medical device engineers, EverSleep can tell you when and why you’re snoring, help you identify the cause of insomnia and will even alert you if you need to consult a doctor. Unlike other wearables that simply track your movements while sleeping, EverSleep is the first device of its kind to use lab-quality sensors – and could therefore prove to be a real game-changer for insomniacs.

Wearables aren’t the only sector to be preoccupied with sleep. We are constantly seeing new technologies and solutions to the age-old conundrum of a good night’s slumber, from sleep-inducing night lights that boost melatonin production, to white noise machines that help to combat insomnia. Even finding the perfect mattress may be a case of getting the technology right. Some of the most comfortable mattresses on the market are more high-tech than you might think, like the Eve mattress, which is often praised for its comfort thanks to the use of temperature-control and memory foam technology.

Whatever the gadget or gizmo, one thing is clear: quality sleep is something we are willing to invest in. And no wonder – sleep affects your mood, your physical health and even your appearance. Even without innovative technology and super-smart wearables, taking care of your sleep health is key. Nothing feels better than a good night’s sleep after all.


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