Artists Recreate Cool Drawings Of Monsters Done By Elementary School Children

Nobody knows monsters like kids do. Their imaginations are so complex and weird. They could fill a brand new book of mythical creatures with the monsters they create in their heads.

Katie Johnson has been creating cool drawings of monsters since she was a little girl. She’s always been fascinated by the fact that you can make anything into a monster. She started working as a designer with an advertising firm in Austin, Texas after she graduated college. On the side, Katie decided she wanted to work on her own projects. One of these projects is called The Monster Project.

cool drawings 20

Through this project, elementary school students are invited to draw their own monsters so that professional artists can bring them to life.

Over time, Johnson got together a small group of artists to draw these monsters from different perspectives. The purpose of these cool drawings was to show the kid’s different styles of art. They would learn that there are many different ways to be creative.

Take a look at these cool monster drawings and leave your thoughts in the comments section.

cool drawings (1)

Through the cool drawings of monsters Kathy Johnson created all her life, this cool project was born

cool drawings 18 (1)


After the kids submit their drawings a group of artist recreated them turning them into awesome artworks

cool drawings 3 (1)

The project shows that there are different perspective to art and the kids learn this via their creations

cool drawings 4 (1)

Some of the monsters are so good, they are movie quality – maybe take them to Monsters Inc next movie?

cool drawings 5 (1)

The Monster Project Encourages elementary school kids to be creative and teaches them about art

cool drawings 6 (1)

Starting this project wasn’t easy, she was the only artist and had to re-create 20 drawings herself

the monster project 7 (1)

Johnson combined her love for monsters and children’s creativity to create this cool project

the monster project 8 (1)

When Johnson was young she had no idea her love for monsters will be a big thing in her adult life

the monster project 9 (1)

the monster project 10 (1)

cool monster drawings 11 (1)

cool monster drawings 12 (1)

cool monster drawings 13 (1)

cool monster drawings 14 (1)

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cool monster drawings 16 (1)

cool drawings 17 (1)

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Please share these cool drawings of monsters to encourage the creativity and art around the world

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