Chris Maynard And His Beautiful Feather Art Will Leave You In Wonder


Imagine asking someone what he likes to do and he says: “Cutting feathers”. What would you think? He’s making fun of you? He is mad? He has no idea what world he’s living in, right? Well, artist Chris Maynard does and he cuts feathers for a living.

Why does he cut feathers? To make art. He uses eye surgery scissors, forceps and magnifying glasses to turn molted feathers into works of art. He thinks feathers are one of nature’s great achievements since they make flight possible and they also come in a great variety of colors and patterns and forms and make birds look fabulous in them. Feathers are also used by their “owners” to hide or attract a possible mate. So basically feathers are life.

Chris Maynard uses feathers from Olympia, Washington, USA where they are legal to both use and sell. He gets them from private aviaries and zoos,thus many of the feathers come from birds that are not native to North America.

Now, are you ready to behold the Cut Feather Shadow Boxes? They are selections of feather cutting artwork put together by Chris. The original shadow boxes are available for sale only in the United States, but you can purchase prints of his artwork on Chris’s SmugMug account.

This is a form of art that takes time and a lot of patience and dedication. Looking at the pictures below, we don’t really know how he manages to make them. Take a look below and see for yourselves. This guy is a genius of patience and artistry. More info: featherfolio | Facebook

Chris Maynard beautiful feather art using eye surgery scissors

chris maynard feather art 1 (1)


Chris Maynard uses feathers from Olympia, Washington, USA where they are legal to both use and sell.

chris maynard feather art 2 (1)

He gets most of the feathers from local zoo’s so a lot of the feathers he uses are not from American native birds

chris maynard flower art 3 (1)

chris maynard flower art 4 (1)

chris maynard flower art 5 (1)


chris maynard flower art 6 (1)

chris maynard flower art 7 (1)

chris maynard feather designs 8 (1)

chris maynard feather designs 9 (1)


chris maynard feather designs 10 (1)

chris maynard feather designs 11 (1)

chris maynard feather designs 12 (1)

chris maynard feather designs 13 (1)

chris maynard cool art 14 (1)


chris maynard cool art 15 (1)

chris maynard cool art 16 (1)

chris maynard cool art 17 (1)

chris maynard cool art 18 (1)


chris maynard cool art 19 (1)

chris maynard feather art 20 (1)

chris maynard feather art 21 (1)

chris maynard feather art 22 (1)

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