Camille Ortoli Paper Designs of Buildings is an Architecture And Art Lovers Dream

Camile Ortoli is an artist born in 1987 in Barcelona. In 2012, she graduated from the art school EPSAA in visual communication. Currently, Camille works in Paris as a designer of a particular kind. She happens to be a Paper Designer belive it or not.

Fascinated by the paperwork, which required many years of practice to master, she works in many areas, such as animation, advertising, photography, press, window display, fashion design, invitation card and more. Her paper designs are parts of many brands’ campaigns. Among those names she’s been worked for are Guerlain, Lancôme, Salvatore Ferragamo, Chaumet, L’Oréal Luxe, Philips, Air France, Martell Cognac, Anna Hu and more.

In the gallery below we present you her latest personal project inspired by the beautiful architecture of a city she lives and works in – Paris. It is fascinating how detailed are her paper buildings showing all the beauty and particular spirit of this beautiful European metropolis.

She called her latest personal project “Haussmann” which you’re about to see in the gallery. You will probably recognise some of the famous Parisian buildings among constructions made of paper using great skills and talent of Camille Ortoli. If you like this incredible paper art make sure to stay updated with the artist’s work by following her on Instagram.

Camile Ortoli: Website

Amazing paper design of buildings by Camille Ortoli

Camille Ortoli paper designs 1 (1)

Buildings made of paper with incredibly many details.

Camille Ortoli paper designs 2 (1)

Some of the famous Parisian buildings among constructions made of paper are easily recognizable.

Camille Ortoli paper designs 3 (1)

This the artist’s latest personal project is called Haussmann.

Camille Ortoli paper designs 4 (1)

Keep scrolling for more photos of amazing paper design and for more of artist work check out her Instagram.

Camille Ortoli paper designs 5 (1)


Camille Ortoli paper designs 6 (1)

Camille Ortoli paper designs 7 (1)

Camille Ortoli paper designs 8 (1)

Camille Ortoli paper designs 9 (1)


Camille Ortoli paper designs 10 (1)

Camille Ortoli paper designs 11 (1)

Camille Ortoli paper designs 12 (1)

Camille Ortoli paper designs 13 (1)

The artist hard at work, crafting a new design

Camille Ortoli paper designs 14 (1)

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