Can You Find The Six Words Hidden In These Pictures?


Are you like most of us people who wander the internet while at work and looking for interesting things to pass the time until we get to go home? Sure you are:). So you probably enjoy puzzles right? Finding pandas in pictures, finding pandas in Kiss pictures, finding something within something, thats what its all about.

After all, don’t we all love to share our supremacy over all these other people who didn’t manage to find the panda HaHa, it’s right there…I mean how can you not see it?! OK OK, getting off topic. By now you guessed where this post is going, so without further delay, it’s another puzzle! Find the six words hidden among this book worm family:

hidden words quiz 1

If you want the answer keep scrolling…



1: Read ( Dog’s ear )

2: Novel ( Arm chair )

3: Book ( Man’s glasses )

4: Story ( Woman )

5: Words ( Tree )

6: Page ( Boy )

Now try and find the six words hidden in this picture:

hidden words quiz 2




1: Mirror

2: Straw

3: Couch

4: Tiles

5: Cat

6: Cord


Last one, six words again:

hidden words quiz 3




1: Stormy ( tree )

2: Puddle ( On boys raincoat )

3: Wet ( On purple umbrella )

4: Showers ( On orange umbrella )

5: Damp ( On the drain )

6: Clouds ( On the bush below cloud )

How long did it take you? feel smart? Share with your friends to see who solves these the faster
Source: Distractify


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