Art Of The Olympians By Designer Rays Safer Bujana Is a Creative Gallery Of Paper Athletes To Celebrate The Rio Olympics

art of the olympians 1

The past few weeks the whole world was celebrating sport at the Olympic Games in Rio, and that atmosphere was very inspirational to artists in many fields. Among them is a designer Raya Sader Bujana  who used to made athlete sculptures out of paper and created this gallery called ” art of the olympians “before the Games, and during the Olympics, she created a number of new paper sculptures celebrating a wide range of sports.

Human bodies in positions characteristic for specific sports made out of paper are really interesting work which you can check out on photographies in the gallery below. Bujana photographed the new series of paper sculptures and released as 12 limited edition Giclee prints in her online shop. If you like what you see, you can also visit her profile on  Instagram.

olympians paper art 2

olympians paper art 3

olympians paper art 4

olympians paper art 5

olympians paper art 6

art of the olympians 7

art of the olympians 8

Source: Colossal


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