Mike Kelley Spent 2 Years Taking Stunning Air Traffic Photos Around The World

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The image of an aeroplane taking off is powerful, for sure. Of course, even more impressive of that sight is a sight of dozens of aeroplanes taking off an airport at the same time. These giant machines, powered by massive engines, cause in an observe thrill with a doze of anxiety by flying so close to each other, lined up just like a flock of birds.

Check out in  the gallery below at this stunning series of “Airportraits” or air traffic photos to see what we mean. The series is work of  LA-based architectural photographer Mike Kelley. He spent two years at various airports in order to complete this interesting project of air traffic photos.

“The inspiration behind these images was somewhat simple,” Mike told Bored Panda. “After the first LAX ‘Wake Turbulence’ image, I knew that I had to do more, owing to how successful that original shot was. There are a tonne of amazing airports, airlines, and aeroplanes out there that I had to photograph, so the plan was set in motion to try and capture as many as possible. Since I’m obsessed with aeroplanes, travel, and seeing new places, it was also a great excuse to get me out of my comfort zone a little bit.”

Take your time to enjoy the gallery of  “Airportraits” and try to imagine the sound that goes with the picture, and of course, don’t hesitate to share this amazing images of aeroplanes taking off with your friends.

More info: Mike Kelley | Twitter

1. Lax 24l – No Turn Before Shoreline

air traffic photos (1)


2. Dubai International 12r (morning Heavy Departures)

air traffic photos 2 (1)

3. Wake Turbulence: Lax. Beautiful air traffic photos at it’s best

air planes photos 3 (1)

4. London Heathrow 09l (100, 50, 40)

air planes photos 4 (1)

5. Zurich Airport Runways 28 And 16

air planes photos 5 (1)


6. Amsterdam Schiphol, Polderbaan 18r

air planes photos 6 (1)

7. Munich Airport 08r

air traffic photos 7 (1)

8. Frankfurt Am Main 25l (missed Approach By Lufthansa A380)

air traffic photos 8 (1)

9. London Heathrow 27l (terminal 5 And Tower)

air traffic photos 9 (1)


10. Dubai 30r

air traffic photos 10 (1)

11. Tokyo Haneda 05 (great Wave)

air traffic photos 11 (1)

12. Amsterdam Schiphol 24 (kaagbaan)

air traffic photography 12 (1)

13. Sydney Kingsford Smith 34l

air traffic photography 13 (1)


14. Auckland International 23l

air traffic photography 14 (1)

15. London Heathrow 27l

air traffic photography 15 (1)

16. Sao Paulo Guarulhos 09l

air traffic photography 16 (1)

17. Munich Airport 08r Takeoffs

air traffic photos 17 (1)

Air traffic photos #18. Frankfurt Am Main, 07c

air traffic photos 18 (1)

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