59 Monday Meme Pictures To Try And Make Your Weekend Longer

I kinda feel sorry for Monday. The Internet is just not leaving this day alone. It is the most hated day of the week for many and it’s easy to see just be looking at some of these Monday meme pics below. Feeds on social medias just get flooded every time with humorous posts describing the particular mood that makes people down and blaming it on Monday.

It strikes everybody once in a while, especially after a great weekend. We all know that feeling for sure, but maybe Monday is not to be blamed after all. It never asked to be a party breaker, it just happened by chance. However, people will not stop feeling the Monday blues, and posting about your suffering on social media especially in a humorous way does make things better.

So, here is a huge collection of Internet memes about Monday to fix things a bit. You’ve probably have seen some of them when some of your friends was down by a Monday blues. We can only hope that Monday doesn’t mind these kind of jokes and that it’s glad it can help we go through the harsh beginning of the working week – Sorry, Monday!

1. Monday blues strikes hard

monday meme 1 (1)

2. Empty and distorted

monday meme 2 (1)

3. Poor Monday, nobody likes it. Almost nobody…

monday meme 3 (1)

4. Wake up, it’s Monday!

monday pics 4 (1)

5. Oh, goodness…

monday pics 5 (1)

6. Yeah, we know that state very well…

monday pics 6 (1)

7. Right in the brain…

monday pics 7 (1)

8. Good for you

monday pics 8 (1)

9. Yeah, it’s not so good…

monday pics 9 (1)

10. Simple as that.

monday pics 10 (1)

11. Monday will cry…

monday pics 11 (1)

12. Grumpy cat has no problem.

monday pics 12 (1)

13. It blows heads off.

monday pics 13 (1)

14. Think positive.

monday pics 14 (1)

15. Hmmm…is this sarcasm speaking? Or some drugs?

monday pics 15 (1)

16. Not thrilled, for sure.

monday blues 16 (1)

17. Vizsla face on Mondays.

monday blues 17 (1)

18. Here is a message to Monday.

monday blues 18 (1)

19. Weekend transformation

monday blues 19 (1)

20. You too, kitty?

monday blues 20 (1)

21. When Monday hits you like Lucile

monday blues 21 (1)

22. Coffe is the key!

monday blues 22 (1)

23. When you realize tomorrow is Monday

monday blues 23 (1)

24. I hate Mondays too

monday blues 24 (1)

25. LOL

monday blues 25 (1)

26. I don’t really get this Monday meme, i love Giraffes

monday blues 26 (1)

27. And i feel like killing myself

monday blues 27 (1)

28. Damn it Monday! Why?

monday images 28 (1)

29. Leave me alone on this day

monday images 29 (1)

30. The Mondayest Monday that ever Mondayed

monday images 30 (1)

31. And we all want to just cry

monday images 31 (1)

32. Thanks Obama. Sleep is ruined

monday images 32 (1)

33. Oh the horror

monday images 33 (1)

34. Your face is instantly sad

monday images 34 (1)

35. What do you care dog? Everyday is a vacation for you

monday images 35 (1)

36. LMAO! Because he gets it wrong

monday images 36 (1)

37. Monday memes continues…

monday images 37 (1)

38. That’s not good. Not at all

monday images 38 (1)

39. How did i not realized that

monday images 39 (1)

40. She looks way different from every other day Lisa

monday images 40 (1)

41. Worst. Day. Ever!

monday images 41 (1)

42. That’s it. There’s only one way about it

monday funny puns 42 (1)

43. Life is hard people. Every Monday

monday funny puns 43 (1)

44. How i feel Monday morning

monday funny puns 44 (1)

45. Every damn week!

monday funny puns 45 (1)

46. The weekend just flew by

monday funny puns 46 (1)

47. Eating your head

monday funny puns 47 (1)

48. Haha This Monday meme made me laugh hard

monday funny puns 48 (1)

49. Everyone feels like that kid

monday funny puns 49 (1)

50. Like the Penguin trying to kill Batman

monday funny puns 50 (1)

51. I’m dead inside

monday funny puns 51 (1)

52. Leaving work on Friday feels like you won an Oscar

monday funny puns 52 (1)

53. Even the Beatles hate Monday’s

monday funny puns 53 (1)

54. Yay Spring!

monday funny puns 54 (1)

55. Yeah. Right. Shut up!

monday funny puns 55 (1)

56. When did this post became a motivation Monday post?

monday funny puns 56 (1)

57. Monday’s are bad. Period

monday funny puns 57 (1)

58. Can’t get here too fast

monday funny puns 58 (1)

59. Number #4, I am dead inside so nothing matters

monday meme 59 (1)

OK. This was a long post about the hated Monday meme. But if you made it this far. Please share with your friends.



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