Read This If You Think Your Life Is Hard. Try Living As a Giraffe Or a Crocodile

If you think your life is hard, you’ve got to scroll down below and see all the possible scenarios in which it could be worse. We’re not talking about tragedies, we’re talking about normal, daily activities that could be so hard for you if you were genetically engineered in a different way. We won’t spoil it for you. You’ll need to see for yourselves. There’s one thing you need to know, though. All these pictures could be a representation of our daily lives doing things that are so easy while others, just like us, but a little underprivileged by life could not do it. Just scroll down. It will make you think.

1. How do you take your shirt off if you’re a giraffe?

Why would you wear a shirt in the first place, though?!


2. Try sleeping in a normal sleeping bag if you’re a giraffe


3. Imagine being a giraffe in class and raising your hand without raising your hand


4. Sometimes it’s hard adjusting to different angles and different perspectives


5. Life is hard when you’re stuck with a single perspective


6. Who can jump? Who can’t jump? Hard to tell, right? Not.


7. When a portrait is not so telling…


8. In case of an emergency, you have to find ingenious ways of opening the door


9. Read this way if you think your life is hard


10. A virtuoso at work


11. When in the spotlight…not in the spotlight


12. Try punching a boxing bag wile being a crocodile walking on two feet. Hard, right?


13. And when you thought your life was about to get better…


14.That’s a lot of lipstick that she uses


15. Lifting seems the hardest thing to do


16.Taking selfies from different angles just so you could…


17. If you think your life is hard…this


18. When cooking is really dangerous


19. Trying to make it up the social ladder…that’s the hardest thing to do


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