43 Meme Faces Rage Comics To Finally Explain You What They All Mean

Do you know the meme faces rage comics? They express rage (of course!), but also some other simple emotions like crying, fear, boredom, you know, the whole spectrum. They’re very recognizable because they have the same pattern: a set of pre-made cartoon meme faces that have spread through the meme world and became part of it.

Ars Technica named the rage comics an “accepted and standardized form of online communication”. Actually, they are part of our Internet world and a very useful way to express and transmit emotions through our dear blue screens. They are also relatable and humourize experiences that almost everybody goes through. They are even used to teach English as a foreign language.

With them all over the internet, it’s hard not to wonder how they came to be. Well, the first rage comic appeared on 4chan in 2008. It was composed of a 4-panel strip showing somebody’s anger at being splashback on the toilet. It showed a face zoomed-in with what we now know as The Rage Guy screaming “FFFFFUUUUUU”. From here on, it was reposted, modified, adapted and everything is history! Scroll down for a memory refresh!

1. Hello. F*** You! The first on the meme faces and i love it

meme faces 2 (1)

2. Never really knew if this guy was crying or laughing hard

meme faces 3 (1)

3. Pure sarcasm meme face

meme faces 4 (1)

4. Ultra Gay meme

meme face pics 5 (1)

5. Nnnooooo! Whyyyyyyy

meme face pics 6 (1)

6. When things just won’t work, you flip the desk in despair

meme face pics 7 (1)

7. Cereal guy spitting

meme face pics 8 (1)

8. Hah Gay

meme face pics 9 (1)

9. It’s so cute I’m gonna cry! Cuteness overload

meme face pics 10 (1)

10. Really? Look at my face! Really? Are You Fu**ing Kidding me?!

meme face pics 11 (1)

11. Hihihi! The Troll Face meme. One of the most popular meme faces ever

meme face pics 12 (1)

12. YEEES! Epic win face

meme face pics 13 (1)

13. Don’t ask us what he’s doing! It depends on the meme situation. But i’ll go with Jesus!

meme face pics 14 (1)

14. Funny guy Mr Bean. If you know what i mean expression.

meme face pics 15 (1)

15. Not my circus, not my monkeys

meme face pics 16 (1)

16. Want some Kentucky Fried Chicken? Didn’t read lol

popular memes 17

17. Last minute essay writing… Waaw, it gets bloody!

popular memes 18

18. Ookay  guy… *sigh*

popular memes 19 (1)

19. No. You heard me! No.

popular memes 20 (1)

20. Wait, whaaat? *Surprised Gasp

popular memes 21 (1)

21. Hahahaha. I know what you did there

popular memes 22 (1)

22. That moment when the computer freezes *stay calm*

popular memes 23

23. The evil grin… or is it? Me Gusta Creepy

popular memes 24 (1)

24. So cute, I’m gonna die!

popular memes 25 (1)

25. International sign for *palm face*

popular memes 26 (1)

26. Really? Really? Really? You’re so smart!

popular memes 27 (1)

27. LOOOL!

popular memes 28 (1)

28. Yeah, I know I’m fabulous! Spiderman

meme expressions 29 (1)

29. Ok. Let’s do this! Challenge Accepted

meme expressions 30 (1)

30. They’re attacking me! (not that I mind too much)

meme expressions 31 (1)

31. Awww! Woow!

meme expressions 32 (1)

32. Wait! Whaaat? Reaction guy

meme expressions 33 (1)

33. Hahahaha ( The gentleman troll )

meme expressions 34 (1)

34. Fap Fap Fap fapfapfapfapfpafpafpafp

meme expressions 35 (1)

35. Me Gusta vs Okay guy

meme expressions 36

36. So? Is it going to be dangerous? Scared Yao

meme expressions 37 (1)

37. Why? Y U No??!!

meme expressions 38 (1)

38. Troll dad dance

meme expressions 39 (1)

39. I know nothing. No, I’m not Jon Snow!

meme expressions 40 (1)

40. Why is this happening to me? Why? Jackie Chan meme face

meme expressions 41 (1)

41. You’re so funny! The most hardcore of the meme faces?

meme expressions 42 (1)

42. Say what? Seriously?

meme faces 43 (1)

43. I’m the fabulous one! Haters gonna hate

meme faces 44

Dude, you made it this far down the list of rage comics. you’re seriously not going to share?


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