50 Watercolor Tattoo Designs That Totally Tell a Story Of a Thousand Colors

If for you a great tattoo means bold designs combined with amazing colors, then the watercolor tattoo gallery below is for you. Usually, the types of tattoos that we see around the block are simple black outlines that tell a story, or reminds the owner of a past experience and so on. But now, you can take the art a little bit further and make it into a colorful picture right on your skin. The fact that it doesn’t have any black outline, makes the watercolor tattoos look just like paintings created by some great artist. And they can also look more real and cool.

What are watercolor tattoos?

While most people think that watercolor tattoos are created in a different way from regular tattoos, this claim is just false. Watercolor tattoos are made the same way as any other tattoos using the same tools of the trade. The only difference is in the style of the coloring and shades of the ink created.

When creating a regular tattoo, you normally use many areas of solid colors that eventually create the final ink. With watercolor tattoos you use much more gradual coloring and shading, these color smears when put together generally gives the impression that you are looking at a watercolor painting and not an ink one.

Will watercolor ink fade quicker than a regular tattoo?

There are some people in the tattoo industry that said that watercolor based tattoos will not stand the test of time and fade faster than black based tattoos. The real answer is that it really depends on the tattoo you are getting. It is true that if you get only a bright color tattoos with no contrast and no dark colors at all it will fade faster just like any other tattoo.

But if you will base the piece on dark colors, with watercolor shadings style and technique, the completed piece should not fade faster and even if it does, the dark base colors will still be visible like any other tattoo.

Like we said, the process and the execution of a water color tattoo is no different from that of a usual one, so you shouldn’t fear more pain or anything like that. The artistry of the watercolor tattoos is what gets us excited. Just scroll down and see for yourself!

1. Pastel rain picture is the first watercolor tattoo on the list

watercolor tattoo

2. A rainbow triangle

watercolor tattoo

3. Blue feather

watercolor tattoo 2

4. Is it a colorful storm (of art) ?

watercolor tattoo 2

5. Dotted infinity

water color tattoo 3

6. Wear the nature on your back with all its colors

water color tattoo 3

7. His n her crown

water color tattoo 4

8. Blowing dandelion

water color tattoo 5

9. The beetle

water color tattoo 6

10. The painted fox

water color tattoo 7

11. Sun and moon

watercolour tattoo 8

12. The colorful rose?

watercolour tattoo 9

13. Who wears the crown?

watercolour tattoo 10

14. A colorful set of dragonflies

watercolour tattoo 11

15. The pheonix

watercolour tattoo 12

16. A colorful owl

watercolour tattoo 13

17. Adding to a pirate ship

watercolour tattoo 14

18. The painted elephant

watercolor inks 15

19. Photography rocks! (yeah, we know)

watercolor inks 16

20. Jellyfish

watercolor inks 17

21. A hummingbird, reminds me of the gallery of pictures of hummingbirds we featured a while back

watercolor inks 18

22. The night sky

watercolor inks 19

23. The princess

watercolor inks 20

24. Flowers over the mountains

watercolor tattoos 21

25. Purple unicorn

watercolor tattoos 22

26. My family

watercolor tattoos 23

27. The Indian – an epic colorful tattoo sleeve

watercolor tattoos 24

28. The musician

watercolor tattoos 25

29. Henna style watercolour

watercolor tattoos 26

30. The weightlifter

watercolor ink designs 27

31. A bright dreamcatcher

watercolor ink designs 28


watercolor ink designs 29

33. Holding an apple

watercolor ink designs 30

34. Winged shoulder. Definitely my favorite of the watercolor tattoos

watercolor ink designs 31

35. The anchor

watercolor ink designs 32

36. Bathing elephant

water based color tattoo 33

37. Chasing hearts – simple and cool

water based color tattoo 34

38. Colored diamond

water based color tattoo 35

39. Elephant and diamonds

water based color tattoo 36

40. Anchors away – beautiful piece

water based color tattoo 37

41. The black disk

water based color tattoo 38

42. Hammerhead shark collection

water based color tattoo 39

43. The color pop dandelion

bright tattoos 40

44. The lion – such a detailed water color tattoo

bright tattoos 41

45. Among the clouds

bright tattoos 42

46. Adventures in crayon

bright tattoos 43

47. Pretty as a picture

bright tattoos 44

48. Bloom in red

bright tattoos 45

49. Red bull skull – love this watercolor tattoo

bright tattoos 46

50. The swirl

watercolor tattoo 47

If you’re an ink person, these watercolor tattoo designs surely got you excited. Please share with your friends.

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