94 Funny Moms That Have No Idea How Hilarious They Really Are

The mother is one and only and it’s a precious person in everybody’s life. Mom’s are great and maybe some of them didn’t catch up perfectly with all the technological progress, pop culture, internet slang or other hot things going on in the last couple of decades, but it’s because they were busy raising us up. Simple as that. So, if somebody’s mom doesn’t know what Lol means it’s perfectly ok … and hilarious in an adorable way as you will see in the gallery of funny moms below. They also have strange little things they’re doing for reasons known just to them, and that’s is one more reason why we love them so much.

Here is a huge collection of funny statements or deeds of various moms that end up on the Internet. This will certainly make you laugh and maybe remind you of some similar situation. Be a pal and share the thought with us! Because moms rule!

1. Okay, this mom has gone too far…

funny moms

2. This mom put a Christmas tree for a spider that made a web in her bedroom. Just adorable, isn’t it?!

funny moms 2

3. This mom used to put little Chewbacca on the Christmas tree for years thinking it’s a Gingerbread Man.

funny moms 3

4. This mom had a nice chat with her cat that morning.

funny moms 4

5. When you’re 30 and you call your mom and say you’re sick. 30 min later…

funny mom 5

6. This mom found a place for a Yoda ornament.

funny mom 6

7. This mom made a tiny home for chicks.

funny mom 7

8. This mother cleans her boy.

funny mom 8

9. This mother knitted heart-shaped bookmark…you dirty minds.

funny mom 9

10. This mom didn’t know how to make a screen shot. Scanner did a good job.

funny mom 10

11. Lol! Epic!

funny mom 11

12. This mom made some matching ties. I think it’s great!

funny mom 12

13. This Juish mom gave her son this as a housewarming gift.

funny mom 13

14. This mom bought her boy a Pokemon cake…almost.

funny mom 14

15. Don’t watch that!

lol moms 15

16. This mom replied to this image – “I keep hitting play, it doesn’t play anything”

lol moms 16

17. This mom thinks her daughter and her boyfriend will like this present. They’re seniors in college.

lol moms 17

18. This mom’s iPad most recent photo.

lol moms 18

19. This mom discovered Snapchat.

lol moms 19

20. This mom rules!

lol moms 20

21. This funny mom framed a Facebook post picture of her kids

lol moms 21

22. Is…is she digging up graves?

lol moms 22

23. LOL mom thinks son runs Google.

lol moms 23

24. When your mom bakes anything…

lol moms 24

25. Mom changed my cushions on my pillows

lol moms 25

26. Mom doesn’t like to take photos

hilarious moms 26

27. Testing with your mom can go to weird places

hilarious moms 27

28. Really mom? Who does that

hilarious moms 28

29. Mom bought me a new PJ – thanks mom

hilarious moms 29

30. Is that supposed to be funny?

hilarious moms 30

31. LMAO!

hilarious moms 31

32. My mom loves her dog more than me

hilarious moms 32

33. When i visit my mom – love my funny mom

hilarious moms 33

34. Don’t get it

hilarious moms 34

35. My mom thought this alcohol bottle is a soap dispenser

hilarious moms 35

36. What am i supposed to do with this

lmao moms 36

37. Yup, my mom is a genius

lmao moms 37

38. Mom trying to make me an omelet with this – lol

lmao moms 38

39. Moms will never get this image

lmao moms 39

40. Is this how you selfie? Funny moms everywhere

lmao moms 40

41. Mom baking on another level

lmao moms 41

42. Moms never take off the iPad from the package

lmao moms 42

43. OMG! This is the curtain to my shower. Thanks mom

lmao moms 43

44. Mom stahp, it’s embarrassing

lmao moms 44

45. Best gift ever. Thanks mom

lmao moms 45

46. LOL, looks pretty much the same right? Bet your mom doesn’t know the difference

fun moms 46

47. Easy to get confused

fun moms 47

48. Mom sense of humor

fun moms 48

49. When my mom met Hulk Hogan

fun moms 49

50. HaHa mom thinks this is one of the Transformers. Classic funny moms humor

fun moms 50

51. OMG MOM!

fun moms 51

52. You have to wear it, mom made it especially for you

fun moms 52

53. Makes sense.

fun moms 53

54. Mom doesn’t really know what a BJ is

fun moms 54

55. They should sell remotes like this for moms

fun moms 55

56. My mom thinks i’m a little child…She’s right

funny parents 56

57. It’s not Jesus mom stop!

funny parents 57

58. Mom trying to text

funny parents 58

59. This is actually really funny – love this T shirt

funny parents 59

60. Just give up son

funny parents 60

61. She is looking at me with that look that says ” what’s weird about that “

funny parents 61

62. This is how my mom watches over her iPhone

funny parents 62

63. Love this cake

funny parents 63

64. Does you mom do this too?

funny parents 64

65. Who the hell is that guy

funny parents 65

66. Maybe you want to think that through mom

funny mommy 66

67. Mom taking care of her babies

funny mommy 67

68. Mom, i’m 27 years old, enough with the Toys

funny mommy 68

69. Not how it works mom…

funny mommy 69

70. Thanks Target. Do you know my mom?

funny mommy 70

71. Funny moms slippers, because they always think about cleaning

funny mommy 71

72. Surprise? You don’t know who are you sending this?

funny mommy 72

73. Cool cake

funny mommy 73

74. Funny mom tried to copy the screen of the iPad

funny momommyms 74

75. Mom birthday present.

funny mommy 75

76. Using cellotape to fix the leaf

funny moms 76

77. Mom joke. Not really funny

funny mommy 77

78. What is that really? Mom trying to be funny

funny moms 78

79. Tiny baby seat. So adorable

funny mommy 79

80. Not snowflakes mom…

funny moms 80

81. This is an achievement

funny mommy 81

82. So many pillows, so little time

funny mommy 82

83. Mom trying to be cute with the laptop

funny mommy 83

84. It’s not another book to read mom.

funny mommy 84

85. Sure this could work…NOT

funny moms 85

86. Mom trying to be funny

funny mommy 86

87. This is why i visit my mom every weekend.

funny mommy 87

88. Mom wrapping level = insane

funny mommy 88

89. Not sure this is how this thing works. But ok

funny mommy 89

90. LOL, mom has the best jokes

funny mommy 90

91. Is that soup?

funny moms 91

92. Best mom ever

funny moms 92

93. Mom always wanted a girl.

funny moms 93

94. Funny mom trying to be scary

funny moms 94



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