Albert The Cute Munchkin Cat Is a Social Media Star With 500,000 Followers And a Cute Little Skull Nose

Albert the Munchkin cat is one famous Instagram star with about 500,000 followers and a face to die for. Meaning, he is one of the cutest tomcats you’ve seen around on Social Media while his personality is no match to yours. Yes, you should envy him!

We’re kidding, but we just stumbled upon his pictures and we couldn’t help but scroll down for more. We loved his little black nose and that blue-eyed look. He knows he’s cute and he’s out to kill with his cuteness. He’s quite a big star around the Internet and there’s no wonder. He can wear almost anything and look fabulous in it. Just scroll down to see his cute yellow costume which he wears fabulously while relaxing in what appears to be a bathtub. Oh, yes, he can do that too.

What else can he do? He can fit perfectly in a bowl and give you a look that will make you kiss him instantly. He can wear bunny ears with no problem. Just you watch! His pajamas are 1000 times better looking than yours and when he wants something he can give you that look that will melt your heart in an instant. Yes, he’s Albert, a cute Munchkin cat that has made it his mission to make you go awww! Just watch him! More info: Instagram

1. “I’m cute and I know it!” *Albert Munchkin cat probably

albert munchkin cat

2. “What are you looking at?”

albert munchkin cat 2

3. “If I fits, I sits.”

albert munchkin cat 3

4. “Like my new outfit?”

albert munchkin cat 4

5. “Stealth mode activated”

albert munchkin cat 5

6. “Wait for me! I have short legs!”

albert munchkin cat 6

7. “Kiss me goodnight?”

albert munchkin cat 7

8. ” Taking my royal bath. No, you’re not allowed to join me! “

albert munchkin cat 8

9. “I know, my PJ are fabulous!”

albert munchkin cat 9

10. “He’s my slave!”

albert munchkin cat 10

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