Why is My Dog sneezing. Is it Normal or is it Caused by an Allergy?

Why is my dog sneezing? Just as humans, dogs sneeze. But there are some times where we catch our dogs sneezing in unusual situations. So the question, if he is alright, pops up to our minds.

Well, dogs can sneeze for many kinds of reasons:

  • Dogs sneeze when they get dust in their nose.
  • From pollen.
  • Perfume.
  • They might even sneeze while playing sometimes.

Yeah, it is weird to know that dogs sometimes sneeze just because of playing but it is true. Of course, this does not mean that it is always the case. You need to know whether your dog sneeze is serious or not.

Here are a few more reasons why dogs sneeze:

1. Irritating particles being on their nose

why is my dog sneezing
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This is one of the most common causes of why dogs sneeze. They might have gotten dirt in their nose from digging or even inhaled sprayed household products.

Depending on how much it irritates the dog, it can even sneeze a few times in a row. These cases are nothing to be concerned about.

2. Sneezing for fun

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You might have seen that a dog sneezes while playing. It just simply means that your dog is excited in that moment. When dogs sneeze in these kinds of situations just means that the dog is having lots of fun at that particular moment.

3. Having a nasal infection

why is my dog sneezing

If you have witnessed your dog sneezing regularly throughout a couple of days then you need to watch out for other symptoms. This is because they could be going through a nasal infection.

This can be easily realized by other accompanying symptoms nasal infections come with. Be on the lookout for your dog’s nasal discharge color, nose bleeding, additional coughing, having a swollen nose, etc.

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If you see that your dog has these symptoms that leave an appointment with a vet as soon as possible. Nasal infections are often caused by fungus. The get in your dog’s nose when he inhales dirt that has fungus, grass, and hay.

4. Your dog has a tooth infection

why is my dog sneezing
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This kind of occurrence happens rarely but it is not unlikely. If your dog is sneezing regularly and has no other symptoms of why they are doing so, it might be because of a tooth infection.

Some upper teeth can be quite near the nasal area. If these teeth get infected it might cause sneezing.

Now you know why dogs sneeze and you can recognize if it’s a serious situation that requires a vet visit, or if your dog is just happy.

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