28 Stephen McMennamy Mind Bending Mashup Pics To Mess With Your Head

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Stephen McMennamy is an art director from Atlanta, Georgia. He creates bizarre mashup pictures out of two completely different pictures to make a new one. These pictures seem to fit perfectly. Though these pictures are taken in different locations and have different subject matter.

These photos are so well done that they look like some serious photoshop work went into them. In reality, they’re just two photos spliced together to look like one natural photo.

Some of these photos include carrot scissors, a jet-powered seagull and more weird stuff.

Stephen says the Combophoto project was inspired by Instagram. He’s always had an artistic talent and a love for photography. But it wasn’t until he fell in love with Instagram that he found his true niche.

These have to be the most satisfying images on the internet. To see how easy it is to combine to completely different photos is soothing to the soul.

Take a look at some of Stephen McMennamy’s mashup pics bellow. You’d be amazed at how well each one is pieces together with almost no seam to speak of. Let us know what you think in the comments section. More info: combophotos.squarespace.com | Instagram

#1 Some of his mashup pics include a skier on top of an ice cream cone…

Stephen McMennamy mashup pics 2


#2 A jet powered seagull and pasta and meatballs on a forklift truck

Stephen McMennamy mashup pics 3

#3 More of the bizarre images include this digger scooping out ice cream

Stephen McMennamy mashup images 4

#4 Or maybe a donut headphones or a cherry bowling ball

Stephen McMennamy mashup images 5

#5 The eye catching mashup pics were created by taking two separate and different images and just putting them together to create one new image

Stephen McMennamy mashup images 6


#6 The Statue Of Liberty giving us the Victory sign

Stephen McMennamy mashup images 7

#7 Construction worker lifting a huge popsicle

Stephen McMennamy mashup pics 8

#8 You need a tractor to lift these huge donuts

Stephen McMennamy mashup pics 9

#9 Watering the plants or creating a huge waterfall? Depends on how you look at life i guess

Stephen McMennamy mashup pics 10


#10 A pineapple hand granade mashup pic

Stephen McMennamy mashup pics 11

#11 This is a great one, sometimes it feels like taking selfies is injected into our veins

Stephen McMennamy mashup pics 12

#12 A peach sits on a beach completes the above picture of a naked man. Mashup pics at its best

Stephen McMennamy mashup pics 13

#13 A child holds a balloon that mashes up with green grapes

Stephen McMennamy mashup pics 14


#14 This is what you call a hammer head

Stephen McMennamy mashup pics 15

#15 Enjoying a water ride. But who holds the cords? Don’t look up girl

Stephen McMennamy mashup pics 16

#16 This is one of his most popular pics. A headphones with donuts as ear muffs

Stephen McMennamy mashup pics 17

#17 This called easily be true, a truck and a boat together

Stephen McMennamy mixed pics 18

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Stephen McMennamy mixed pics 19

Stephen McMennamy mixed pics 20

Stephen McMennamy mixed pics 21

Stephen McMennamy mixed pics 22

Stephen McMennamy mixed pics 23

Stephen McMennamy mixed pics 24

Stephen McMennamy mixed pics 25

Stephen McMennamy mixed pics 26

Stephen McMennamy mixed pics 27

Stephen McMennamy mashup pics 28

Stephen McMennamy mashup pics

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