30 Weird Haircuts That Are So Bad They Must Be Good

We just can’t help ourselves but to show you these weird haircuts because if someone gets his hair to look like this, he wants to show it off

1: Weird pineapple haircut

weird haircuts 1

2: What is that supposed to be?

weird haircuts 2

3: You think people tell him something or they just let him walk around like this?

weird haircuts 3

4: Is that a mullet? A double mullet?

lol haircuts 4

5: This could actually be very stylish with a little work

lol haircuts 5

6: Too far man, too far

lol haircuts 6

7: Just shave your head brah

lol haircuts 7

8: Really? Lady please

lol haircuts 8

9: Holding on to dear life.

lol haircuts 9

10: Wrong choice for a model

weird haircuts 10

11: No way this is a real hair

weird haircuts 11

12: Whats going on with this weird haircut

lols haircuts 12

13: I think this will catch on

lols haircuts 13

14: Is it a guy or a girl? Wait..doesn’t matter, whats with the hair

lols haircuts 14

15: I think i see a little birdy growing in there

weird haircuts 15

16: Houston, we have a problem

weird haircuts 16

17: Crying for a good reason, he look 12.

weird haircuts 17

18: I can’t believe they let him go on air like that

weird haircuts 18

19: Whats about this hair cut, and what is that phone?

funny haircuts 19

20: It’s like a little hairdo growing out of his neck

funny haircuts 20

21: Is that a weird tattoo haircut

funny haircuts 21

22: Ohh gross you can see bugs living inside

funny haircuts 22

23: Everything about this picture is wrong

funny haircuts 23

24: Nintendo was his inspiration

strange haircuts 24

25: Why are you holding a pink weight?

strange haircuts 25

26: Is that your poker hair?

strange haircuts 26

27: Wow! That’s just cool man

strange haircuts 27

28: NOPE

strange haircuts 28

29: The barber is proud while the owner of the head is embarrassed to show his face

weird haircuts 29

30: This cop has everything going for him

weird haircuts 30

Source: Imgur


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