24 “Draw This Again” Memes That Prove Artists Also Have a Hard Time Doing It Right

draw this again feat (1)

Success usually takes time and a lot of practice and perseverance. Even talent takes time and practice. You might have a gift, but you gotta’ work hard to perfect it. This is what the “Draw This Again” meme or challenge is trying to show us. It convinces artists to present two versions of the same artwork side by side. One is an early version and the other is the newest version. This way you can see the progress the artist has made during time and it is quite visible. From simple sketches, just a few lines that show the shape of a human face, to an elaborate, colored portrait, it is a long way and it proves that nobody is born a master. You have to work your way up to the top!

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The “Draw this again” meme has began on the art website DeviantART. The idea is to show how much an artist’s skills have evolved over a certain period of time. But, as with any meme, it can be used to produce some comedic results. You know, memes will always be memes. But below, you will see some 24 spectacular images and how they evolved from a simple drawing to an extraordinary portrait or painting. Are your ready?

1. 1 Year Progress By Zary – Perfect example of the draw this again challenge.

draw this again meme 1 (1)

Image source: zarydoesart


2. First digital painting vs 4 and a half years later

draw this again meme 2 (1)

Image source: sarucatepes

3.  4 years have passed

draw this again challenge 3 (1)

4. 5 years have passed here. Can you see the difference?

draw this again challenge 4 (1)

Image source:

5. 2008 Vs 2011 By Daria Widermanska

draw this again challenge 5 (1)

Image source: Daria Widermanska


6. Well, some people don’t change…

draw this again challenge 6 (1)

Image source:

7.  Well, Ginger her got an excellent upgrade

draw this again challenge 7 (1)

Image source:

8. A lot has happened in 6 years

drawing this again meme 8 (1)

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