People Are Sharing Japanese Hospital Food Pictures That Will Make You Hurt Yourself Just To Eat There

Japanese hospital food feat (1)

Hospital food usually isn’t something that you would put on your Instagram as an appealing image. Although it shouldn’t be the case, having in mind that one must eat well to recover, hospital food is usually something you want to forget as soon as possible.

Yet, “usual” or “ordinary” are not words you would use to describe the hospital food you will be served in Japanese hospitals. One woman recently shared on social media food that was served to her after having labor in one of the Japanese hospitals and the post went viral pretty fast because the image was definitely Instagram worthy.

In the gallery below we have more examples of Japanese hospital food that look and probably taste just amazing shared by Imgur users. Hopefully, this will set a trend that hospitals all over the world will follow.

1. Pancakes for breakfast while in labor.

Japanese hospital food 1 (1)


2. Lunch while in labor.

Japanese hospital food 2 (1)

3. Post c-section recovery food.

Japanese hospital food 3 (1)

4. First proper post-surgery meal.

Japan hospital food 4 (1)

5. French toast for breakfast.

Japan hospital food 5 (1)


6. Seafood pasta lunch.

Japan hospital food 6 (1)

7. Afternoon snack. Little bit of sugar

Japan hospital food 7 (1)

8. Evening meal. So healthy and yummy

Japan hospital food 8 (1)

9. Japanese-style breakfast.

Japanese hospital meals 9 (1)


10. Risotto for lunch.

Japanese hospital meals 10 (1)

11. Afternoon snack.

Japanese hospital meals 11 (1)

12. Birth celebration meal: starters (with non-alcoholic sparkling wine)

Japanese hospital meals 12 (1)

13. Birth celebration meal: main course (steak!)

Japanese hospital meals 13 (1)


14. Birth celebration meal: dessert. Seriously, who is this hospital chef? He or she is a genius!

Japanese hospital meals 14 (1)

15. Soup for breakfast.

Japanese hospital meals 15 (1)

16. Pork for lunch.

Japanese hospital food 16 (1)

17. Afternoon snack.

Japanese hospital food 17 (1)

18. Pasta gratin for the evening meal. This looks like something from a high end restaurant, not a hospital bed

Japanese hospital food 18 (1)


19. Breakfast with a little bit of fresh fish

Japanese hospital food 19 (1)

Can we emphasis the fact the these Japanese food photos look so much better than most of my day to day food. So what do I have to break to be able to eat like that? Looks so good!

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