18 Pencil Drawings Of Nature That Will Make You Want To Be An Artist

pencil drawings of nature feat (1)

A sketch is a complex hand drawing that might not take a lot of time, but it can show very clearly the most important characteristics of an object. It is a swift, but very efficient and artsy way of drawing something that has just caught your eye and you want to keep it on paper for ever or to transform it in painting later.

So, let’s say that you go somewhere beautiful, you forgot your camera home and you want to keep that scenery in your mind forever. You take your talent out of the bag, a pencil and a sheet of paper and begin drawing.

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Now, leaving jokes aside, every artist has started off with pencil sketching and it is yet one of the greatest forms or art. Sketches are also a good way of scribbling down some work and leave it unfinished until you have the time and the disposition to make it great. You just outline the important parts and leave it to finish later. An artist’s most used tools are graphite pencils which make a sketch hard to take your eyes off it if done right, even if it is partially finished.

But that’s enough talking. Let’s look at some great examples of sketches that show the beauty hidden behind pencil lines. A pencil sketch can bring out more beauty and wonder than you could have ever thought of. So, here they are. Our 18 favourite pencil drawings of nature on the internet!

1. There is so much life in a tree!

pencil drawings of nature 8 (1)


2. Tree by the River

pencil drawings of nature 1 (1)

Image: On Tree by the River

3. Nature Corner: Homemade Bird Feeders

pencil sketches of nature 2 (1)

Image source: On Nature Corner: Homemade Bird Feeders 

4. Dragonfly

pencil sketches of nature 3 (1)

Image source: Dragonfly

5. Streaming down

pencil sketches of nature 4 (1)


6. Do you feel the fresh mountain air?

pencil sketches of nature 5 (1)

7. Maybe falling in love

pencil sketches of nature 6 (1)

8. Someone had a quite afternoon in the middle of nature

pencil drawings of the world 7 (1)

9. Winter is coming

pencil drawings of the world 9 (1)


10. Colours and autumn

pencil drawings of the world 10 (1)

11. A sketch that will come to life

pencil drawings of the world 11 (1)

12. A tree that does not want to stop growing

pencil drawings of the world 12 (1)

13. Details that will receive some more polishing later

pencil sketch of nature 13 (1)


14. Everybody is minding its own business here… and the artist is drawing

pencil sketch of nature 14 (1)

15. It looks like somebody had a vision of a human tree

pencil sketch of nature 15 (1)

16. The tree of life?

pencil sketch of nature 16 (1)

17. A corner of nature

pencil drawings of nature 17 (1)

18. A mountain top

pencil drawings of nature 18 (1)

Any of these pencil drawings of nature got you in the mood to start working on your own piece? We sure hope so.

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