31 Funny Shower Curtains That Are So Good They Should Be In a Museum


Funny shower curtains is the topic of this post and with good purpose. Regardless of the fact we obviously want to make you all laugh on a daily basis, there is a secondary cause here, everyone loves to take showers right? You would think that, but some people love it less than others ( I’m talking to you Nate from support ) Take a hint, you smell. We bought you a Christmas present that should pretty much take care of you in the bathroom department, but you have to use it. For the love of god, just get wet! But let’s not go into that…We are here to laugh right? Below you can find 31 funny shower curtains that are designed with one aim and one aim only, to look cool.

1. When you let your boyfriend choose the shower curtain.

funny shower curtains 1 (1)


2. Sometimes you get this funny shower curtain

funny shower curtains 2 (1)

3. This should not be part of the funny shower curtains list, but it is because when you’re married you have no say.

funny bathroom curtains 3 (1)

4. Single man shower curtain

funny bathroom curtains 4 (1)

5. When you’re stuck in the 80s but still rock

funny bathroom curtains 5 (1)


6. Can there be a better design than this? NOPE

funny bathroom curtains 6 (1)

7. I take it back, this is the greatest shower curtain ever made

funny bathroom curtains 7 (1)

8. Creepy shower curtain

lol shower curtains 8 (1)

9. I love this one, epic design

lol shower curtains 9 (1)


10. This is basically the internet in a curtain

lol shower curtains 10 (1)

11. Best.Shower.Curtain.Ever

lol shower curtains 11 (1)

12. I don’t get it…

lol shower curtains 12 (1)

13. Because bacon that’s why

hilarious shower curtains 13 (1)


14. Quick, before anyone notice, share this hilarious shower curtain

hilarious shower curtains 14 (1)

15. LOL, this curtain made me laugh

hilarious shower curtains 15 (1)

16. Very creative

hilarious shower curtains 16 (1)

17. Dropping money from an airplane, awesome!

hilarious shower curtains 17 (1)

18. For inspiration

creative shower curtains 18 (1)


19. This could mean two things, one is dirty and one is scary AF

creative shower curtains 19 (1)

20. Live broadcasting your shower should be fun

creative shower curtains 20 (1)

21. Can’t access the shower website, the curtain is in the way LOL

creative shower curtains 21 (1)

22. M’rica! F*** yeah!

creative shower curtains 22 (1)

23. Love this one:)

cool shower curtains 23 (1)

24. OMG it’s apocalypto cat on the loose

cool shower curtains 24 (1)

25. So many good things about this curtain. My favorite of all the funny shower curtains on this list

cool shower curtains 25 (1)

26. Amazing! You should get the whole set

cool shower curtains 26 (1)

27. Notice the Batman clips at the top. They make this work

cool shower curtains 27 (1)

28. Jesus loves you

cool shower curtains 28 (1)

29. A bear in space, sure why not

cool shower curtains 29 (1)

30. Pow! Right in the kisser

funny shower curtains 30 (1)

31. Galaxy cat eating pizza and a burrito. God I love my life

funny shower curtains 31 (1)

Honestly, i would really love to buy some of these hilarious shower curtains, googling them right now.


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