These 12 Photos of Building Compositions Look Like Something Out of a Video Game

We all know that art comes in many forms. Whether it is visual, experiential, digital, physical, or even written down. The list of art creation is just limitless as much as human ambition is.

Then we have art inside of art.  This can be defined as a whole new dimension as to how we see it and how it was created.

What I am talking about is the perfect combination of photography and architecture. Both are beautiful forms of art and expression. But once put in the same prison they become something so much more.

The Art of Building Photographic Competition is the institute that encourages photographs from all around the world to capture beautiful and satisfying structures from a unique perspective that you don’t see on a daily basis.

The institute of the building has recently hosted its 10th competition for the best digital photograph. And  it took place for all photographers that were located in different parts of the world

“Fish” Winner Of The Judge’s Prize By Pedro Saiz.

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“Metrostation”  Winner Of The Public Choice Award by Aleksandr Bormotin.

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These are just some of the winners that have gotten prizes from their magnificent photographs of buildings. 

The competition was run by an institute of buildings in the form of celebrating the construction industry.  And also celebrate the ambition of the people that have contributed to it. 

Sol Townsend, which is the head of the content and communications of the Institute, claimed that this year’s competition had more than 3500 digital photographs.

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They were coming from all around the globe. And throughout all of the years, this competition has taken place, over 40,000 entries of photos have been submitted.

Muralla Roya, Agnese Sanvito.

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The winner of the 10th animal competition was Pedro Saiz. He said that he was grateful that the competition gave him a prize for his unique capture.

But he also soon started to be recognized by so many professionals in the field.

Entries of the competition were mostly urban style photographs. It was giving people a different perspective on what these structures hold.

In addition, taking these sorts of photos isn’t easy for all of the photographs, especially for Saiz. He had to put on a lot of planning and also effort to create and capture the fish photo.

Every tiny bit of condition can change the photo making it appear better or worse. For example, the fish photograph was shot during a clear night with no wind and rain.

The reason it was shot at such clear weather is that the reflection of the structure could be clearly shown from the water.

Axonometry, Grzegorz Tatar.

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Sea And Humans, David Bedoya.

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Skywards, Debdatta Chakraborty.

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Bexhill Promenade Shelter, Adam Regan.

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Bank, Jonathan Walland.

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Eiffel Bridge, Jose Neto.

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Colorful Mixture, Volker Sander.

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At Work, Volker Sander.

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Kunststück, Pegova Olya.

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