10 Famous Logos Show The Effects Of Using Their Products


Marco Schembri made this graphic representation of famous logos showing how the product that they present influences the consumer. He is a web designer, an interior designer and a 3D designer. Currently, he works as an industrial product designer and you can check out other of his intriguing work at behance.net  flickr and tumblr.

In the gallery below you can see “fat M” of McDonald’s’, fuzzy “Absolut” due to Vodka, “never will sleep again” image of Starbucks logo and seven more very witty and clever alternative logos of famous brands showing the essences of the product clearly and in a bit ironic way.

1. McDonald’s

famous company logos 1

2. Absolut

famous company logos 2


3. Starbucks

famous company logos 3

4. Gillette

famous company logo 4

5. Nutella

famous company logo 5

6. Zippo

famous company logo 6


7. Durex

famous company logo 7

8. Braun

famous company logo 8

9. Nestle

famous company logos 9

10. Red Bull

famous company logos 10
Source: Demilked