This Is What McDonald’s Does To Its Burgers To Make Them Ad Worthy


What McDonald's Does To Burgers To Make Them Ad Worthy (1)

“Why does your food look better in the advertisements than what is in the store?” Are you among the people asking this question or at least were you wondering about the difference when it comes to McDonalds?

Many people noticed this and McDonald’s Canada has decided to answer the question with total honesty. They’ve released a video on YouTube in which they’re letting us see behind the scenes of a photo shoot for one of its advertisements.

In this video, everybody can actually watch the whole process of making the burgers looking so delicious for the ads. This shoot took a couple of hours, which is a lot longer than it takes to make the Quarter Pounder in the store.

What McDonald's Does To Burgers To Make Them Ad Worthy 2 (1)

Patties, buns, ketchup, mustard… all of the ingredients used in the photo shoot are the same like the one McDonald’s stuff is using in the store.

mcdonald photo shot 3 (1)

The goal is to show all of the parts to the viewers so it’s made carefully unlike the store’s ones.

mcdonald photo shot 4 (1)

The top bun is posed in the specific place so everything between is pushed up in the foreground.

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mcdonald photo shot 5 (1)

Palette knife for cheese make-up

mcdonald photo shot 6 (1)

Finding the perfect spot for the catch-up…

mcdonald photo shot 7 (1)

…and there it goes.

mcdonald photo shot 8 (1)

And Voila! This is the burger all dressed up carefully, but now it’s time for photoshop specialists.

mcdonald photo shot 9 (1)

They’re not retouching the photo too much…

mcdonald photo shot 10 (1)

…just removing small visual irregularities.

mcdonald photo shot 11 (1)

Also, they enhance the color a little bit…

mcdonald photo shot 12 (1)

…and make sure everything is lined up properly.

mcdonald photo shot 13 (1)

Here you can see the size difference between ad burger and store burger.

What McDonald's Does To Burgers To Make Them Ad Worthy 14 (1)

And the final comparison looks like this.

What McDonald's Does To Burgers To Make Them Ad Worthy 15 (1)

Source: Businessinsider



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