27 Celebrity Prom Photos That Prove No One Is Perfect

So before all our favorite celebrities were walking on red carpets and being chased by paparazzi, they were just just regular kids doing  the same things everyone does. One of the things is going to prom, and in most cases, they had the same embarrassing situations any kid has, parents want to take ridiculous pictures, your clothes look like something out of 100 years ago and your hair is just hilarious. Below is a gallery of celeb prom photos you can’t stop laughing at:

1: Taylor Swift with her cool date to the prom

celeb prom photos 1

2: Jimmy Fallon

celeb prom photos 2

3: Bruno Mars

celeb prom pics 3

4: Rihanna

celeb prom pics 4

5: Beyonce Knowles

celeb prom pics 5

6: Blake Lively

celeb prom pics 6

7: Will Ferrell

celeb prom pics 7

8: Kellie Pickler

celeb prom pics 8

9: Fergie

celeb prom photos 9

10: Jessica Alba

celeb prom photos 10

11: Ellen Degeneres

celeb prom photos 11

12: Danielle Fishel and Lance Bass

celeb prom pictures 12

13: Lady Gaga

celeb prom pictures 13

14: Michelle Obama

celeb prom pictures 14

15: Demi Lovato

celeb prom pictures 15

16: Natalie Portman

celeb prom pictures 16

17: Tiger Woods

celeb prom pictures 17

18: Taylor Lautner

celeb prom pictures 18

19: Britney Spears

celebrity prom photos 19

20: Scarlett Johansson

celebrity prom photos 20

21: Ryan Seacrest

celebrity prom photos 21

22: Lebron James

celebrity prom photos 22

23: John Hamm

celebrity prom photos 23

24: Jennifer Aniston

celebrity prom photos 24

25:  Brad Pitt

celebrity prom photos 25

26: Claire Danes

celeb prom photos 26

27: George Clooney

celeb prom photos 27

Source: Imgur


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