Unicorn Pizza Has Began Her Reign And The Whole World Turns Pink

The unicorn craze has taken over the market and of course, pizza couldn’t have gotten away. Finally, we have an unicorn pizza, after we’ve already seen unicorn quesadillas, unicorn toast, unicorn yummy pastries and even Unicorn Frappucino from Starbucks. But let’s not forget about all those other unicorn things that we cannot eat, but we can still pay for, such as unicorn hair or unicorn makeup. We think it is time for a unicorn song. Who shall sing it?

The unicorn pizza (woow, we’ve used the word “unicorn” so many times, it might get a dictionary of its own in the future) is technically called the “pop candy land” pizza and is created and delivered to us humans by Industry Kitchen, a New York City popular restaurant that makes some of the most yummy pizzas you could possibly think of.

So? What are the ingredients that make this pizza as magical as a unicorn? Pixie dust, you’d think. Some magical powder and a hair of a unicorn, all put together by a wizard. Well, no.

Unicorn pizza

Technically, the unicorn pizza is made from rainbow crust, cream cheese frosting, pop rocks and cotton candy.

Is this real life or fantasy? Is it a dessert? Is it an entrée? Is it even pizza? If we eat it, we will grow a unicorn magic horn? There’s only one way to find out. What do you say?


But…if you think like you’re not ready yet for the super unicorn pizza, you can start with Industry Kitchen’s other innovative pizzas, like the Nutella pizza.

They also have a breakfast pizza that looks fantastic.


Let’s go back to the unicorn pizza. It still lingers in our mind. I think we might try it pretty soon. Because “everything tastes better when it’s rainbow”, don’t you think? Taste the unicorn pizza rainbow!

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More info: Industry-kitchen.com

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