These Magical Night Photographs Of Tokyo Will Make You Pack Your Bags And Go


If you haven’t been to Tokyo, these photos can either transport you there, make you book a plane ticket, or both. Japanese photographer Masashi Wakui is the extremely talented – not to mention completely self-taught – genius behind these pictures.

tokyo photography 1

As Wakui travels through the winding streets and alleyways of Shibuya, Shinjyuku, he captures the true essence of Tokyo. He’s made his home into the art it deserves to be, and he’s shared it with all of us.

tokyo photography 2

Wakui uses high-performance compact cameras and then enhances the colors to create a truly spectacular view of the city. The colors are almost contrasting – the bright neons and the sepia building with the dark background. It’s all very easy to look at and aseptically pleasing.

tokyo photography 3

Masashi is truly revealing that night time Tokyo is the best Tokyo.

tokyo photographs 4

For more info, visit his Twitter, Imgur, or Tumblr.

tokyo photographs 5

tokyo photographs 6

tokyo photographs 7

tokyo photography 8

tokyo photographs 9

tokyo photographs 10

tokyo photographs 11

tokyo photographs 12

tokyo photographs 13

tokyo photography 14

tokyo photography 15
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