This Sarlaac Pit Baby Pillow Is Exactly What I Need For My Little Jedi

These days on Etsy you can pretty much find anything you want! Especially if your wish has something to do with a Star Wars movie merchandise, you can bet somebody on Etsy already has what you wished for made and ready for shipping or in the worst case you can order it up front and get it in a couple of weeks.

Here we feature the Star Wars newborn/toddler Sarlaac pit baby pillow, lounger-The Pit of Carkoon play mat floor pillow lounger. It is made by order by Etsy seller BedHotShop. As you can see from the pictures in the gallery below, it is a very realistic replica of a Sarlacc pit which we first saw a long time ago in a galaxy far far away…Just kidding, it was in the legendary movie from 1983 – Return of the Jedi.

I can imagine many of you Star Wars fans among my friends caring their babies in this lounger, can’t you? Even though it looks scary as it is, you can be relaxed while putting your screaming baby down to the scary hole of teeths, because it is perfectly safe. It is stuffed with polyester and it’s all cozy, soft and cuddly.

A few details and measurements of the sarlaac pit baby pillow are as follows:

The center ring measures about 13″ in diameter and the whole thing has a 36″ circumference. It sits 6-8″ high, and has carrying handles for easy transport and storage. So, it’s pretty much a standard pillow lounger for babies if we put aside Sarlacc pit appearance. But who would want to right? The graphic is amazing!

Maybe you are wondering how much it costs, right? We’ll tell you right away – you can get one Star Wars newborn pillow lounger from Bed Hog Shop over on Etsy for $138.

Star Wars newborn/toddler pillow lounger

sarlaac pit baby pillow 1 (1)

The Pit of Carkoon is transformed into a play sarlaac pit baby pillow and lounger

sarlaac pit baby pillow 2 (1)

Sarlacc pit from Return of the Jedi, just for your toddler’s comfort, and your Star Wars fan craving.

sarlaac pit baby pillow 3 (1)

Just imagine that Sarlaac burping sound like when Boba Fett fell into the pit – Star Wars true fans know why…

sarlaac pit baby pillow 4 (1)



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