The Style Icons Of 2017 Who Are Breaking The Fashion Mold

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When 60-something-year-old beauty company founder Linda Rodin coined the phrase “Old is the New Black,” her words immediately began to strip the stigma away from the aging process. Advanced Style, as documented by photographer and filmmaker Ari Seth Cohen, is a blog dedicated to recording the most impressively dressed older people on the planet. From rich upper-east siders in his native NY, to the unassuming elder residents promenading the streets of whichever tiny villa he’s visiting, Ari’s blog – which documents stylish seniors and their ensembles – has exploded into an age-positive phenomena that has dispelled the myth that a person’s twilight years means a descent into blue rinses and pull-along tartan shopping trolleys.

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After decades of women being told what to wear and look like by fashion institutions, 2017 has seen an explosion of diversity. These women are trailblazing a body-positive movement, and age isn’t the only taboo being broken. Today’s leaders of the fashion pack are ready to show us that there is no perfect body shape, there is no age that makes you less relevant and there are definitely NO rules about wearing clashing patterns and colors!

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Furthermore, the fashion world has been going wild for a host of unlikely fashion icons on Instagram, including Coco, a 6-year-old girl from Harajuku in Japan, and an impeccably stylish dog who has fronted a number of men’s fashion campaigns.

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Plus-size fashion blogs are nothing new in 2017, but while once considered an afterthought in the industry, plus-size fashion has been enjoying a particular resurgence in the mainstream, thanks to major fashion designers getting on board with the body positive revolution. Inspirational style figures such as the iconic @GabiFresh and clothing designer @amarachiukachu aren’t afraid to experiment with bright shades and out-there patterns which break away from the more ‘traditional’ (read: predictable) views on how curvier women should dress.

These influencers deliver a powerful message about body acceptance in all forms and sizes, and clearly, the fashion industry is listening. Across the last New York Fashion Week, there was a grand total of 27 ‘plus-size’ models gracing the catwalks. This was record high for the normally skinny-centric event, demonstrating an industry awareness of the plus-sized fashion revolution rubbing off on the mainstream.

You Don’t Have To Shock People To Be A Style Leader

Regardless of age, height, weight or sexual preference, everyone should feel free enough to show off their unique personal style. Naturally, this raises the inevitable question: in the real world of jobs, parenthood, socializing, interviews and appointments – just how easy is it to pull off orange leggings with a sequined poncho on a day-to-day basis?

What constitutes a style-maker is a strong sense of self, regardless of what society thinks they should be wearing. If you’re more of a classic type than an Advanced Stylist, clothing retailers that place a focus on quality investment pieces which bridge the gap between trend-aware styles and timeless styles are the best place to look, no matter what size or age you are. Peter Hahn is one such site to do just that (including an impressive range of plus-size clothing as well).

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For further inspiration, stay on top of the bloggers and stylists who particularly inspire you by following their blog feeds and signing up to receive Instagram alerts whenever they add a new post. Make notes of the brands they wear for your own inspiration, or invest in an RSS reader app designed to help you view and collate content from your favorite blogs offline, so that you can create a custom fashion news feed. This will give you the perfect inspirational outlet when it comes to styling yourself.