Take a Sneak Peek Into The Secret Lives Of Superheroes With These Epic Images


The Secret Lives Of Superheroes (1)

Everybody loves superheros, we see them in movies and on TV and they always look so good and fit right? Like they get up in the morning and just ready to go. Well in ” reality ” there’s no such thing, even the biggest and strongest superheroes have off days and they need to eat sleep and do all the things most of us do every day.

For a curious mind like mine, it’s interesting to know what exactly these superheroes do to in their daily routine, so this imaginary sneak peek to their daily affairs created by Robbie Kendo will be our guide and let’s watch closely how they go about their fitness diet, shopping list and others.

They have been busy I know, but they make it a point to share what makes them invincible from all their battles with their favorite juices and healthy meal recipes that you’ll probably love to try.

“To celebrate the recent launch of Batman v Superman, I teamed up with Colombian artist Fulvio Obregon to re-imagine how the Dark Knight, Wonder Woman and the Man of Steel keep themselves in fighting form. Think of this as a tongue-in-cheek look into their private lives. The illustrations are full of hidden Easter eggs that comic book fans should be able to pick up on… See if you can spot them! ”

The Secret Lives Of Superheroes (1)

3-BATMAN (1)

4-BATMAN (1)



7-WONDER-WOMAN-(2) (1)


8-WONDER-WOMAN-(2) (1)


9-SUPERMAN-(2) (1)


The Secret Lives Of Superheroes (1)

The Secret Lives Of Superheroes (1)

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