Artist Perfectly Illustrates The Brutal Truth About Modern Life


Eduardo Salles is the artist behind the following photos. He demonstrates what society stands for nowadays with a sense of humor. More info: | twitter

the modern life 1


Salles proves a point with these photos; the lifestyle that people adopt is either similar to that of a dog…

the modern life 2

Or a cat.

the modern life 3

People love to talk about what they do in their free time, and they want everyone to know.

the modern life 4

Texting has become the most common way to communicate, since you can hide behind emojis.

the modern life 5


The important things that happen get covered up by lifestyle pieces that don’t really matter, and yet get more views than the real news.

the modern life 6

The school system tells students they’re not good enough, because their test scores aren’t high enough.

the modern life 7

Society says to love your body, yet people still want and expect perfection.

the modern life 8

If you keep living like each day is your last, it just might be.

the modern life 9


We all die eventually.

the modern life 10

The quote “The best things in life are free” doesn’t quite help when you can’t afford clothes, food, shoes, shelter, things necessary for life, etc.

the modern life 11

Society says “Be yourself!” but only the normal parts of yourself.

the modern life 12

The Bible is now looked at like a fantasy, a fake reality.

the modern life 13


We swear we’re going to start dieting, but that quickly turns into exactly what you were eating before.

the modern life 14

Relationships become based on how many pictures you take together, and if you really love them, they’ll be your background.

the modern life 15

We cut down trees for a holiday tradition, and then we throw it away as if trees don’t provide us with oxygen.

the modern life 16

People criticize and think the worse of people who are different than them.

the modern life 17

We are no longer able to disappear into a book of false reality since our phones light up every minute with a text or notification.

the modern life 18


Google is a search engine that we get lost with into the deep, deep web world.

the modern life 19

Instead of the monsters under our bed, we now receive many monsters in the mail or through bad news.

the modern life 20

We get so offended by things that aren’t ours and ours alone.

the modern life 21
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