These Sushi Shoes Are So Beautiful And Confusing At The Same Time Because We Want To Eat Them So Bad

Remember when we talked about sushi donuts and how amazing they are? Well we never thought we would write these lines, but these sushi shoes are just too good to eat, or wear…i don’t know anymore 😐

Thanks to Milan based food artist and chef Yujia Hu who is just obsessed about creating detailed sushi and onigiri shoes and sneakers that are just the tiny things of love and yumminess. We specifically like the Air Jordans.

Yujia Hu is a basketball fan and an asian food chef, so the connection is not that weird when you think about it. Mixing the two to create these cool sushi sneakers is a genius idea and obviously the strangest Instagram account we’ve seen in a while for sure.

Beside sharing his sushi art on social media, Hu is the chef at Sakana Sushi in Milan. And some of the things we see him make look so good we want to try them all through the screen, just look at the hashtag #theonigiriart and we promise it will be love at first sight. The mini sushi sneakers are so cool we can’t allow anyone to eat them.

Take a look at just some of his amazing creations and if you won’t run to the fridge by the time you’re done, or just order sushi, we have failed with this post. But i’m pretty confident you already order something right?

Here is the Sushi Shoes in the shape of the Air Jordan. Using Salmon, nori and some rice to get it done.

sushi shoes 6

Maybe you’re more of a Vans person, which is fine too, there’s more details here and it looks like ready to be eaten

sushi shoes 18

He even got the little hook thingy on the back, so much talent

sushi shoes 2

Should i wear it or inhale it? I want to eat it sorry

sushi shoes 5

Adidas Pharrell. Will he approve of this design? I think so

sushi sneakers 7

Adidas Originals, Looking good people

sushi shoes 8

Yeezy shoes Kanye wished he thought off

sushi shoes 9

For the summer days, here is a NIKE flip flop

sushi shoes 10

And for sure, an Adidas flip flop

sushi shoes 11

Classic Adidas style sushi shoes

sushi shoes

I just love these! Sharing these cool sushi shoes won’t get them in my belly, but it can’t hurt


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